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Wooden Door industry the logistics development, cost and efficiency of the contest

Wooden Door industry the logistics development, cost and efficiency of the contest


The wooden door industry, with the continuous development of the industry, the market gradually mature, but the development of wooden door product logistics is still in the initial stage, the logistics cost is the wooden door businesses in mind the pain, future logistics mode decision of wooden door businesses is also very important.

Wood door industry in the eyes of a lot of other people thought that it was a profiteering industry, but now with the increase in the cost, plus a whole market competition, resulting in a long time industry are suffering. Logistics transportation need transportation, fuel, and now oil prices, control the cost of this also let the wooden door enterprises very difficult, so that enterprises have to face such a large logistics pressure. In the face of such a large logistics pressure, wooden door businesses need to dig the businesses internal logistics cost advantage, which is good compression logistics costs.

Logistics cost accounts for the wooden doors to commodity price relatively large part, so the wooden door businesses need to establish an economic, accurate, rapid logistics system, plays a very key role in the market competitiveness of wooden door products. Maybe logistics becomes a mishap, wooden door businesses development today, the network is the trend of the development of the electricity supplier. The increase in logistics costs, will inevitably lead to increases in the prices of products, and the most direct result is that the sales decline, consumers will respond with the daunting doors of wood door products of mentality, which for the wooden doors of the electricity business enterprise development is very unfavorable.

The development of logistics alliance to reduce product cost

In view of this situation, the wooden door business can develop the logistics alliance to reduce product cost, so as to strive for greater profit space in the fierce competition in the market. Large and medium-sized custom wooden doors business because actual strength is abundant, has the ability to build wooden door business logistics system, formulate the appropriate logistics demand plan, ensure the quality of logistics services, logistics network can take advantage of the excess resources to expand external business (providing logistics services for other wooden doors of businesses ). While the small wooden door business by capital, personnel and management of such constraints, it is difficult to improve the efficiency of logistics management. At this time, the small wooden door business as the main resource in the core business, is suitable for the logistics management to the third party logistics agency wooden door business.

Different industries and products, the demand of different sizes, the scale of the logistics distribution also has the very big difference, the corresponding different logistics mode choice. The third party logistics delivery scheme is more suitable for small scale industry, logistics and distribution, and the self run logistics mode solution is more suitable for the management of daily consumer goods industry, because the logistics distribution link in the industry has a strategic position in the whole supply chain and logistics distribution, the scale is relatively large, relatively easy to form scale economy logistics and distribution.

Of course, the wooden doors businesses, cost is a fundamental problem, wooden door business should create logistics way more, in general, the development of the logistics industry growth for wooden doors, modern wood doors of the Internet marketing plays a decisive role, the business must invest a lot of human, financial and material resources to ensure the normal operation of the wooden doors of the logistics industry, the only way in order to better promote the wooden door business in the development of the Internet marketing era.

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