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Low carbon environmental protection era - wooden door industry try to innovation and development

Low carbon environmental protection era - wooden door industry try to innovation and development


As people's living standards improve, the health and environmental protection has become the mainstream of social cognition, the formaldehyde content in people's daily Home Furnishing environment is paid more and more attention. The formaldehyde release quantity is an important index to decide the environmental performance of the wooden door, the less formaldehyde emission means that the doors of the more environmentally friendly, more on human health. People in the increasingly high demands of environmental protection in the age of technology products of environmental protection, strengthen construction of new design wood doors enterprises, green and healthy living environment task more heavy.

Now the low carbon environmental protection popular at the same time, the wooden doors industry has also ushered in a new era of opportunities and challenges. Wood door of renewable wood as raw material, has become a typical representative of low carbon environmental protection, more numerous wooden door enterprises to the concept of low carbon environmental protection to implement the procurement, processing, paving and so on each link, reduce waste, improve work efficiency, reduce the cost of production.

Now the wood door enterprise in improve environmental protection technology, to ensure product quality, strict control of raw material selection, making science and improve the internal management system, to strengthen the product quality through the various aspects of improvement. Although in recent years on the doors of product environmental standards more stringent, but as long as the wooden door enterprises uphold environmental protection production concept, can reflect the green environmental protection trend, to win the long-term development.

With the arrival of the era of low carbon environmental protection, wood door industry must carry on the product and innovation of enterprise management through more channels, adapting to the future industry development trend. Throughout the development process of wooden door industry, and it's also trying to innovate and move closer to the forefront fashion, but these innovations basically reflected in style design, style, and no real era elements together.

Therefore, low carbon environmental protection era, architectural wood doors can try raw materials innovation, so that a variety of materials to achieve integration, such as wood and metal, plastic, glass, fiber to reduce solid wood material cut cycle, increasing green area. The process can try to innovation, by improving the technical content of processing equipment, to improve processing efficiency, output per capita, this can reduce the production cycle, saving energy consumption, in order to reach the goal of low carbon life cycle.

With a low-carbon environmental philosophy in depth in the middle of the consumer, the consumer emphasis on the environmental performance of wooden products is also growing. The wooden door of fierce market competition era, enterprises need to use green products to make long-term development of the enterprise.

Wooden door market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, single rely on the price advantage has been unable to please consumers, starting from the product, the use of green escort,  use technology improve the environmental performance of the product is the wooden doors of businesses to compete for the US market gauge good policy.

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