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Hey, time traveler!
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In just one night, we knew what it was like to be rich and famous --
Or lucky and unknown.
My wife and I escalated through a series of accidental events --way upgraded —to the $3,000-a-
Night presidential suite at luxury 160-
Barboths Club Resort California trendy Newport Beach
You see the delay at the airport means we arrived at the resort on Friday night on the weekend when the Grand Prix was held in nearby Long Beach and the Newport air show was about to be held the next day
As a result, the hotel was overbooked and in order to fulfill our reservation we were shown 3,000-square-
Luxury apartment.
3,000 square feet, $3,000 per night, which means that this beauty costs $1 per square foot in normal sleepheeled guests.
Luck proves that travel can bring surprises, not just delays, cost overruns, and jet lag.
Close to double
The entrance door on the top floor, we know we\'re here to treat you.
The door reveals a luxurious living room with a grand piano.
Unfortunately, neither my wife nor I can play.
There are also two master bedrooms with ensuites; dining room; powder room;
Rich Terrace;
Views of the bay, large yachts living in the bay and upscale residences around it.
We have a feeling of absolutely reaching O. C. —
Southern California\'s dazzling Orange County earned its nickname from television shows.
\"No one called Orange County, you know. C.
Before the show, \"said Deirdre Michalski of The Balbo Hills Club and Resort.
\"We have always been a tourist destination and playground for Hollywood elite and wealthy Los Angeles.
But now, we also have some people who want to go to the BARBOA entertainment district because it\'s O there. C.
Kids hang out, surf or sail in Newport because that\'s what Ryan, Marissa and Seth do.
\"The show may end on 2007, but O. C.
Definitely alive.
It not only became the nickname of the dazzling Orange County famous Lang Shangkou, but also the center of the community tourism promotion.
Tourists from the United States and Canada like to follow O. C.
Tourists from Britain and Germany are more enthusiastic because they like the replay of the TV series.
If you live under rocks all the time, OC. was the red-
The hot night soap opera on Newport Beach in Orange County aired four seasons on Fox TV. And Ryan (
Benjamin McKenzie), Marissa (Mischa Barton)and Seth (Adam Brody)
It\'s a teenage character who lives in O. C.
Live in a mansion, party and dysfunctional in an amazing California setting.
When my wife and I visited OC.
Instead of living in a mansion, we try to minimize party and dysfunction.
Instead, we live in the presidential suite mentioned earlier, cruise on the new harbor, walk on the Balboa boardwalk, and eat seafood and frozen bananas (The O. C.
Favorite dessert on TV show).
We passed the large yacht on our way to the Bay for a tour, and on a lovely little Duffy boat, our guide Caroline Clark stood at your feet.
She confirmed the rich status of Newport Beach: \"We have just surpassed the Hamptons to become the richest community in the United States. S.
But our presence on the Duffy boat also kept it low profile.
\"The Duffy was invented by Marshall duffeld in Newport Beach in early 1970. it is an electric boat with a canopy that can carry up to 12 people and travel no more than 8 km kilometers.
According to Clark, the water golf cart eventually became the best way to visit Newport BayS.
Largest yacht harbor.
We found three geese.
A deck party ship once owned by John Wayne;
Due to financial difficulties, actor Nicholas Cage had to cross the waterfront mansion for $35 million;
And pointed out to us all the locations where TV shows and movies were filmed.
Orange County is a huge movie set, Clark said.
It plays its part in a series of movies and TV shows, or stands elsewhere, from Cleopatra, The Sands of Iwo Jima and Jerry Maguire to CSI Miami, the development of the arrest and the current television broadcast Real Housewives in Orange County who followed a group of women with platinum blonde hair, chest work and chest fixation.
We got off at the Balboa playground and passed the carousel, Ferris wheel and cotton --
Candy sellers in Segway OC.
For those incredible standpoint tours-
Motor vehicles.
\"It\'s kind of like riding a magic blanket and they can easily turn and turn because they\'re so intuitive that they can\'t turn over,\" said owner Scott McRoy . \" He led 3,000 tours on the Balboa Peninsula.
After five minutes of instruction, we rushed through millions on the Balboa boardwalk --
Dollar waterfront house along Balboa Pier. The O. C. —
Half an hour south of Los Angeles. A. —
It is both a place and an attitude and a way of life.
Although there are more than 3 million people here, it is not a big city, but a smaller city, each city exudes its own atmosphere, attracts tourists from Newport Beach to Anaheim (
What are the Disneyland
From Irving to Huntington Beach and the capital of Santa Ana County. —
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