Original wooden door Wood Encyclopedia-Teak recognition skills

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-30
Due to its good color, beautiful texture, stable material, easy processing and corrosion resistance, teak is a high-quality wood for high-end original wooden doors of high-end furniture. Teak has a long growth cycle. As there are not many areas where teak is cultivated and people like teak, the price of teak is also relatively high. At present, the superior wood is above 10 thousand yuan per cubic meter, more expensive than rosewood. The price is expensive and there must be counterfeiting. In recent years, the most successful way to pretend to be teak is the African-made big American pigeon bean. The PEA is a species of the genus Cajanus in the pea family, which is produced in West and Central Africa. Its heartwood is yellowish brown or brown, shiny, no special smell and taste, the texture is slightly oblique to staggered, the wood weight is medium or medium to high, it is very resistant to corrosion and anti-mite, and the processing is easy to glue. Many features and advantages are similar to teak, so it is natural to pretend to be teak, but its price is almost half of teak. Of course, in the eyes of wood experts, it can still be clearly distinguished from teak: Damei is a loose-hole material, the axial parenchyma is annular, the growth wheel is not obvious, because the wood contains tannin, in contact with iron under wet conditions, it tends to rust easily. Unfortunately, these characteristics are not easy for consumers to master. In addition, counterfeiters also claim to be African teak and do not compete with Thai pomelo and grapefruit, thus naturally deceiving many consumers.
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