out with the \'80s

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-18
When Ron and Deborah Reid first saw a pink stucco house with glass
They were hit by a flashback after 80 s.
Round walls, painted oak cabinets, light up the blue neon lights of Pueblo
Fireplace style-
Put a box of Cyndi Lauper tapes in the Walkman and go jogging. The four-
The story of Playa del Rey house is a relic of the Reagan era, where the design boom is not suppressed.
The entrance is black. and-
The golden granite staircase is wrapped in a glass railing in wood.
The oversized hallway caused the room to be painted in the \"Miami pair\" color.
A DeLorean was missing from the driveway.
1989 of the houses have been on the market for a long time, and Raders can see why.
But they looked past the curved terrace and the pink marble floor and thought they could transform the structure into a clean-
Modern houses full of contemporary art.
They moved out of their neat house and into 6,800-square-foot time warp.
Deborah is still surprised by the size.
\"We didn\'t realize there were 44 doors.
\"Six months after patching up the workers, we put the workers on the tax return as our family,\" she joked . \".
Four years later, the couple enjoyed the transition.
\"It\'s good for people who are eight or 80 years old,\" Deborah said . \".
\"We are never tired of the views of the marina, wetlands and Malibu.
\"Raders went out of their way financially to buy a house and then started removing the trivial styling layers at costconscious way.
They hired Bret theNY, the architect of the BOTO Design Architect in Santa Monica, to erase the \"post-80 s\", leaving only the timeless design.
\"We subtracted a lot of things to make a simpler box,\" said theNY . \" He did not hide his dislike of the ten-year popular building.
\"Drive near L. A.
There are also post modern Michael Graves copycats that developers are trying to replicate because they think it\'s neat and tidy.
But today, those pastel colors define the circle, the fake foot of the mountain. -he laughs --
\"Sorry, this is the old thing that is applied to modern formulas and looks very outdated.
This is an era of little surplus value.
Sony says Raders has a vision for what they want: clean.
\"We stripped the front of the house from the sidewalk to the roof,\" said Ron, a commercial realtor . \".
They square the corner and use 8-foot-
High sheets of green glass, painted on a smooth white coat.
Then they went in.
In order to create a striking entrance, they installed steel beams that can support the three-story height of towering walls.
Posing between the second and third floors is a life.
The size sculpture of Chris Mason is called \"the climber Nick \".
\"If he falls, he will land on a green stone plate that replaces the old black, pink and golden granite.
An engraved double front door with a curved sandblasting glass insert is two 8-foot-
High glass plate turning.
The new door, said Ron, was \"very huge.
\"A staircase at the entrance leads to the sun --
Full living room.
The new exterior railing is a flat green bar that fits right in the corner of the new straighten. \"Knife-
Said Ron, appreciating the accuracy of the railway.
Some people like curves.
Everyone has a taste.
This is not our taste.
\"At the top of the stairs, you can see a 400 from both sides-
Gallon aquarium embedded in the wall
Deborah, who owns a commercial property management company, admitted: \"We have no experience with fish . \".
\"When we changed the angle of entering the area and more sunlight came into the room, we accidentally cooked the fish.
\"When their beloved porpoise died, the couple made a decision: there was no fish tank anymore.
In its position, they chose a jagged piece of aluminum. and-
The glass art of Craig French.
\"We know we\'re going to put something there, ceramic, glass or [Dale]Chihuly bowl.
Then we priced Chihulys and knew we didn\'t put one there, \"said Ron, a board member at Otis College of Art and Design.
\"When you look up from the entrance, the fish tank is so dramatic that we need something to support the show,\" Deborah said . \".
\"We have it.
\"The floor on the second floor is bleached oak, Raders ground it off and the cherries are stained.
The energized fireplace is lifted to float off the floor and finished with Venetian plaster.
They didn\'t change much in the kitchen: they kept the cabinets, but added white paint and longevity walls to the black granite counters.
They did remove old, bulky buildings.
In the cupboard of the family room, good for free
Their entertainment equipment is stored in vertical aluminum cabinets.
They also updated a regular bar with a piece of green glass in front of the bar with a stainless steel cap on it.
Even though the view was on the other side of the House, Deborah said, the bar was \"the most popular place in the house when we had friends coming over.
\"The old main bathroom is pink marble, glass block.
\"We thought we could solve the problem, but we knew we would hate it.
\"Here, we spend a lot of time together, getting ready for work or going out,\" Deborah said . \".
So we destroyed it.
It was painful to hear the broken glass.
They installed a heated, polished concrete floor.
Cherry cabinet;
And green granite countertops.
Green became their main color without planning.
\"We always decorate in white, gray and black,\" Deborah said . \".
\"Then I saw the green slate and veining was not busy.
I told Ron about it, but he snorted.
I told him, \'We are trying to get out of the post-80 s and if we don\'t get out of black and white, we will stay in the post-90 s.
So they agree with the green instead of the color of the green eye shadow of the Laurel grass, but rather a soothing light green.
\"This is a place that makes me very happy,\" said Ron . \"
\"I get excited every time I drive to the house.
Then I went up the stairs and saw Deborah in the living area, I looked out the window and thought how far I was from the city.
It\'s like we\'re in another world.
In the end, another decade has passed. --janet. Eastman @ latimes.
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