Sanding treatment method before wooden door veneer

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-12
Many families like to make veneer decoration for wooden doors when decorating or renovating furniture. Veneer is widely used in wooden door furniture. Through this way, some defects on the surface of wooden doors can be covered and the physical characteristics of materials can be improved. There is another important step before veneer, that is, the sanding technology of wooden doors. The following is a brief introduction from Guangdong wooden door manufacturers, the thickness difference of the same batch of sheets after thickness correction is usually required to be controlled at 0. Within 2mm, and there are no obvious sand marks and wavy lines on the surface of the sheet, and there is no obvious surface unevenness phenomenon when touching or drawing with chalk, but there is a certain deviation between the thickness of the sheet and the nominal thickness, usually controlled at 0. 5mm is enough. The commonly used equipment for surface sanding after veneer is a wide-band Sander, usually a three-sand frame, and a rubber sanding wheel or air bag sanding pad with lower hardness is used as the sanding head, and 150 ~ 240 fine abrasive paper tape. The amount of one-time sanding for surface sanding should be controlled at 0. 1 ~ 0. Between 2mm, drop 80% ~ 90% is enough. For plates with a little bending, the amount of sanding should be reduced, and it is advisable not to be broken by sand at the place with a large amount of sanding; The plate with serious bending and warping cannot be operated with a broadband Sander, and narrow-band hand sander is usually used. The above is the introduction of the sanding treatment technology before and after the wooden door veneer, which can improve the display effect of the wooden door and reduce the defects and impurities on the surface of the wooden door, let the wooden door look more bright and clean.
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