solid wood chess-board

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-02
I like playing chess.
Especially in summer, sit in the shade with good friends and have a refreshing drink.
I walked through a few boards.
I have been wanting a good solid wood sheet all these years.
I saw the manufacturer when the toy competition started
As a prize, I know exactly what I want.
In this note I will take you through the steps of playing chessboard.
The wood used in the square is Cherry and Norwegian maple, and the boundary is made of Norwegian maple.
All the wood used was harvested from local trees that fell in the storm.
After a really bad storm, I always go around with a chainsaw to help and take some bigger parts (
Glad I had a trailer).
The actual square is 1-1/2\" X 1-1/2\".
The entire plate with the boundary is about 12-1/2\" X12-1/2\".
I\'m not really a planned person.
I really don\'t like to follow the plan.
Having said that, I did sketch out ideas for the project and take notes to understand my rough needs for the project.
There\'s a draw.
Back sometimes but I\'m still able to \"wing-
This is the case with most projects.
Chess/board player
A total of 64 square meters (
8 columns and 8 rows).
After a quick sketch and some math, I found a few boards.
My board is 5/4 boards of rough saw (VERY ROUGH).
My board is very rough in shape and the first thing I have to do is put a clean edge on each board.
I had to clip the ruler on the board and tear a clean edge on each board.
Then, with the new clean and straight edges leaning against the fence, I tore them into a cross about 4 \"wideCut them into 28 \".
You should have 1 cherry 4 \"x 28\" and 1 Maple 4 \"x 28 \".
The next step is to clean up one face on each board.
I do this with my joiners.
The end result should be a board with a clean and flat surface.
Next, clean up an edge on each board to make it square with the board.
Mark an \"X\" on the clean edge of each board \",(
The clean face should be obvious (
But if it doesn\'t mark the \"X\" on the face on which you align the edge \".
The edge of the X is against the fence, and the X face on the table sees 2 pieces torn from each board1/2\" wide.
* Note * after you tear the board into width, you will have some bars about 3/8 thick.
Use them on the boundaries of the board.
Now cross 4 boards to 14 \". . .
You should have eight boards now.
5 \"wide X 14\" long (
4 kinds of wood in one color and 4 kinds of wood in the other color)
Put the clip away(
You can never have too many clips)
I used 3 bar clips and a few C-clamps.
Get the glue, clip the pad (
Small wooden block)and a wet rag.
I used a yellow wood glue. the set time for this is 5-10 minutes (
Depending on the age of the glue)
Mine is a few years old so it is set very fast so I have to work very fast.
* When the edge is glued, the glue spreads faster if you wipe the edge with a wet rag first.
Before applying glue, I put both the clip and the dry clip.
This helps to clamp it faster.
When you are ready, arrange the board the way it looks best, then put each on the edge, put a glue on each side, and distribute the glue evenly on the edge.
Then put each board flat and clip it.
Make sure there is no sliding and keep all the plates flat as crazy as possible, with even pressure.
Let it sit 2-4 hours. . .
After the glue is dry, scrape all the excess dry glue with a scraper.
Now press each side flat using a manual plane or Sander. I use my Cross
Cut the sled and cut one end into a square with a clean edge.
Then, use the stop block set to 1.
Tear 8 from the blade. . .
Lay cutting strips, flip every other, form a board pattern, ready for another glue
Prepare the clip, wet rag and clip block to arrange and open the end of each strap as before.
Apply a layer of glue on each edge and spread evenly and thoroughly.
Then clip it like you used. Let sit for 2-4 hours. . .
Once dry, scrape the glue and leave it flat.
Now is the time for the 3/8 pieces we set aside to work. . .
You can get ideas here and alternate colors for each side of the board cherry, maple Cherry Maple. . .
I decided to go with the maple trees in all aspects.
These are glued to each side and diagonally connected to each other in the corner.
I bypassed the edge of the top and bottom of the board, which gives it a softer feel (
This is not important).
Then polish all the way from 150 sand to 320 sand. .
Then wipe thoroughly with mineral spirits to check if there are any ugly glue spots.
Then I applied two layers of sealed coating with 400 in-
Between coats, then finished with two layers of polyacrylic.
Then wax and polish.
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Thank you for your attention.
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