Solid wood composite door how to choose?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-10

choose solid wood composite door first consider the quality and price of door, today, wooden door manufacturer to give us the selection method of solid wood composite door.

the first, is the quality problem. The quality of the solid wood composite door is the concern of the consumers.

and the factors affecting the quality of real wood is durable without deformation, fade, and so on various aspects of environmental protection.

to make the real wood door durable without deformation, must choose carefully drying solid wooden keel, the rationality of the internal structure of filling material in line with the principle of mechanical stress offset, in order to make sure its in the surrounding environment, climate, under the influence of deformation within the prescribed scope of product appearance, this is in the process of real wood door production technology and production equipment have higher requirements, general small businesses due to the reason of technology and equipment cannot be reached this standard. Recommended reading: analyze the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite door in order to choose and buy

in addition, ensure that selects the environmental protection standard of high quality wood, MDF, paint and glue, etc. , to comply with environmental requirements decorate, when consumer is buying must check merchants related quality certificate.

second, is the price problem. Every solid wood composite door consumers want to use a lower price to buy good products.

and the influencing factors of price of real wood, artificial materials, paint, processing technology, in areas such as corporate profits.

is a must have for anyone who appreciates wood interior doors for sale to the greatest extent.
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