Solid wood composite door line of the lacquer that bake to customize what are the requirements?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-09-02

solid wood composite door custom has strict requirement of the lacquer that bake, customized data must be accurate, often there will be a line is not enough or damage, etc. , and the status of the need to splice, these are all need certain specification requirements.

the length of the line is generally limited, usually with 2 meters long, there were 2 m 2, this requires customers to tailored according to their own needs, of course, some of the width of the line is divided into 8 cm wide and 6 cm, including tablets and abnormity, etc. , all of these make line of custom is quite strict, this is a lot of customers need to pay attention to.

lines also points and take the corner of the plate, the two shapes and purpose is different, flat line is commonly used on the door, also can be used as the line that play a base, this line is made to have very good adornment effect, the effect of the line has the advantages of good design. Now of course some corners of the production design of a kind of adornment that is on the corner, is generally the corner width, length is 2 m 4, if more than size is need for stitching. The installation should pay attention to.

actually said to joining together, the general line is 2 meters 2, so it is sometimes the collocation of line joining together is the need for accounting, when installation should good collocation line ahead of time, it doesn't appear the phenomenon of line is not enough, this is caused by many dealers do not pay attention to. General line joining together to consider the door cover is doing orthogonal or oblique, so that make to the effect of different, the size is not the same, want to consider the length.

the line of solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake is a lot of matters need attention, is the need to carefully check good customer request, to avoid unnecessary trouble, to ensure that the solid wood composite door custom specifications of the lacquer that bake is complete.

the above is to share solid wood composite painting door line customized requirements, I hope it can help you, want to know more related content.

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