Strengthen the door is made of what material?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-23
< p > reinforcement is a kind of solid wood composite door, wooden door has wide application in our daily life, have excellent product performance, the wooden door manufacturer to give you a detailed introduction of strengthening the door. < / p > < p > the facade and door cover material for melamine veneer, wood frame or solid wood glue, is a kind of composite board wood combined with wooden door. The lacquer that bake door of density board base material, the surface bakes entrance lacquer through eight gush ( Three on three sides and bottom, two light) High temperature baking and into a process, namely through into the chamber heating dry paint after spray paint processing base material door plank. Paint plate is characterized by bright color easy modelling, have very strong visual impact, very beautiful vogue and waterproof properties is good, fight corrupt capability is strong, easy to clean. The strengthening of the building materials market traders said the door now, is actually use melamine board ( Is the same material and compound floor) Compound and into, and said wenqi door is not the same. < / p > < p > improved compared with the solid wood composite door, wooden door is, first and foremost, surface treatment, aggrandizement wood is treated by melamine, solid wood composite door, adopting the processing mode of the paint. Solid wood composite door of natural wood grain texture is unmatched by strengthening wooden door, so the price is also different. Second, the door leaf structure is different. Solid wood composite door, generally adopt wood filling, reinforcement wooden door together with steel pipe, gear, the honeycomb paper to fill in order to enhance its stability. Again, the material of the door, solid wood composite door door cover mostly use the natural wood veneer wood stick do paint, and strengthen the wooden door is the use of melamine board, however, the thickness of the door cover is changed due to dealer's requirements. Finally, the line is different, the line of solid wood composite door is also by the practice of the door, and the line of wooden door is varied, plastic, wood and plastic, laminated, refers to the board and other materials. < / p > < p > < / p >
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