Strengthen the protection of wooden door how to do?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-31

strengthening wooden door and strengthening ecological door, also called ecological paint door, the door has the stability, comfort and safety features, popular with consumers, the wooden door manufacturer to strengthen the protection of wooden door to share with you how to do?

1, the door skin protection: leather with high leather cleaning fluid to clean it, and under the spray gently with senior brightener, remember that touchs water, and should avoid contact with acid and alkali so as not to damage the leather surface.

2, keep strengthening the surface cleanliness of wooden door, can do a clean surface for a month, so we can keep the door of a complete set of eternal bright as new.

3, prevent hard knock against the door frame and door leaf surface.

4, prevent indoor door soak in water for a long time, especially the low-end door cover plate. To moistureproof problem at present, a lot of strengthening brand to produce finished products indoor door wooden door is doing a good job, got high promotion in the waterproof properties, such as many manufacturers have added moistureproof board, so indoor door moistureproof problem got a better solution, further to the bottom of the kitchen, toilet door cover are not afraid of water.

good protection is to ensure that strengthening wooden door to use better and prolong its life.

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