Summer choose wood door what considerations?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-20

the summer temperature is very high, for wood is bad can lead to different levels of cracking, deformation and take off the coat of paint, wood door manufacturer under the summer choosing wooden door to you talk about what?

to select qualified manufacturers of qualified products, some technical essentials of wooden door production enterprises, not only to the climate in the high temperature and high humidity conditions even more bad environment has a deep research.

pay attention to the thickness of wooden door, wooden door is not touch the thinner the lighter the better, the right thickness for 42 mm - wooden door 65 mm, the door is not easy to deformation.

pay attention to the wooden doors of wood material, can use the sound to hear the knock, good wood have qualitative feeling mellow sound.

pay attention to the process of the paint on the wooden door, feel is good, good paint process luster, uniform color, can the strength and luster and automobile metallic paint.

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