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Taking Care of Your Wood Doors And Painting Instruction

Taking Care of Your Wood Doors And Painting Instruction


It's no secret that buying a wooden door from wood door manufacturers is an investment in your home. This is not the cheapest type of exterior doors that you can buy, but it will probably last several years longer than most other types of doors. Unlike other, more obvious measures, exterior wooden doors are designed to withstand the test of time. But the best thing about having a wooden door outside is that you can fix it. If you have a fiberglass door, you can do nothing with shredding or deep patterns that can be found on the surface. An external wooden door is a home investment that can last a lifetime if it is properly maintained.



Polishing is the first step you take to keep the look of your wooden door. Over time, you'll find that the finish becomes dull and requires little renovation. This is quite normal, especially in the case of the outer part, which has direct sunlight and is exposed to the elements. Easy polishing of external wooden doors. All you need is a good varnish for furniture and dust. If you have any dirt or other marks on the door, clean it with a certified wood cleaner before polishing the door. For this, you can use the same cleaning agent you use for hard floors.

Even if you regularly polish the door, the finish will disappear over time. The outer door protected by storm doors will continue to sit in the shade for many years before they start to worry about restoring the end, but doors that are often exposed to elements may require a little earlier appearance. To restore a faded or cracked finish to the previous gloss, start sandblasting on the outer layer and then wipe off all dust with a clean, damp cloth. Then you can simply use two or more layers of resistant material (which is key to the external door) of an external polyurethane with a UV inhibitor (this protects the finish from fading under the sun, just like the protective door cream).


Coordination with the interior designer.

There are times when you want to match your wooden door to the general idea of your home. Therefore, you can add several dialects or lifting panels to add more characters to the door. You can talk to an interior designer about it. You do not want to give up the stability, durability and overall quality of the door thanks to the project you want to add. He can also tell you how to take better care of your wooden door, now you have great accessories for them.


Trimming of swollen wood

This method of maintenance is at the bottom of the list because it can take many years before you start to worry about cutting the swollen wood on the new door. However, if you have an old door, you can see that the wood has expanded. There may be water damage or excess moisture in the air, but the door is no longer properly closed. You will need woodworking tools to pull this device, so if you do not want to trim the swollen wood from the outside door, ask a specialist to do it for you.


Use non-standard wood detergents.

If you want to get rid of dust, dirt and even stains in the door, make sure you do not use any chemical solutions. They can only remove the finish or destroy its overall appearance. Try to search for wood pastes. If you are not sure what to use, ask the wood door manufacturers.


Instructions for painting wooden doors

When looking for a coating on wooden exterior doors from wood door manufacturers, no old paint that can be in the garage will work. You must choose the right type of paint for the door, keeping in mind the current state, pre-treatment, and type of wood. In addition, the selected paint must withstand a lot of abuse because it will be exposed to the elements 24 hours a day. You will have to be refreshed and fresh in many drops of rain and blizzards. Read the guide below to determine how to draw a door by date and condition.


Keep paint

If your door is painted instead of paint, you may encounter some of the same problems. Some colors and paint brands fade faster than others, but you should be able to get several years of each paint layer. Follow the instructions to continue finishing above, but choose the color you want. Make sure you have an outer coating with some protection from UV rays.


The door has been painted in good condition

If the door has already been painted but does not contain any impurities (including cracks, mold, and crust), two layers of paint should be applied: oil or rubber. However, if you know that the previously applied paint was oil-based, you must use a primer before adding two layers of paint.


The door was previously painted in poor condition

Crushing and flaking are inevitable after many years of using external wooden doors. These unsightly defects occur on the surface of the wood, which expands and contracts with weather changes. This puts pressure on the surface of the paint, which eventually leads to a crack. Large cracks cause the paint to fall. When you are dealing with external wooden doors that have cracks and flaking, you will face some challenges. If you just paint on old paint, you will still see its defects, regardless of the degree of perfection in painting. Before you get a brush, scrub all the paint from the areas that face your problem. Then put in some eye protection and a door with sand until it becomes completely smooth.


Operation of controls and crumbs

Like cracking, controls appear as a result of temperature changes. The main difference is that they often occur as a result of incorrect preparation. While the cracks are usually large and clear, the scans are more accurate. Think of these lines as linear cracks in the outer wooden doors. Since there are not enough cracks on the surface to be an effective scraper, it is enough to grind the surface until it becomes flat. Clean and dry the surface, and then apply the undercoat. After the primer dries, the door is ready for two layers of rubber paint or grease.



When you buy a wooden door from wood door manufacturers, you already buy an integrated product to survive. They have been designed to withstand bold elements for many years without requiring any care or maintenance. However, if you have your own wooden door for several years, you should at least consider polishing. A little maintenance goes far.

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