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A local realtor/developer hopes that the artist in Winnipeg will help him breathe new life into his former life. Century-vacant
Old West warehouse
John Hunsberger of imperial real estate services is transforming the former National interior decoration building at 618 Arlington Street.
Enter the artist studio
Hunsberger paid $165,000 for the vacant four. storey, 25,000-square-foot building.
He plans to transform the first three floors into artist studios, and the top floor into 5,100-square-
Own foot penthouse.
The ground floor has been transformed into nine funky little artist studios ranging in size from 240 to 400 square feet.
All studios are open to 1,000square-
Walking Corridor/common area for performing arts.
Instead of putting up dry walls between the studio and the public area, Hunsberger built the walls with a variety of recycled materials, including old wooden doors, wood, tin cloth, stains
Glass windows and forging
Iron Wheels, gates, fences and stair railings.
\"It\'s a mix of different things, but once you blast it, put it in the same color (black)
\"This is a work,\" he said . \".
Why is it an artist\'s studio?
\"I just heard and read about how the artists were driven out of the exchange area and North Point Douglas because of the development of all the apartments,\" said Hunsberger . \".
\"I think there will be a lot of artists there and there is no place to go.
So when the building was built. .
I saw an opportunity to turn it into an artist\'s studio.
He said nine main four.
Floor Studios have been rented so far and there is little marketing.
He hopes the other five will fill up soon.
Rents range from $400 to $625.
Hunsberger said he spent about $300,000 to renovate the interior and exterior of the building, which could cost him another $200,000 before he finished.
The second and third floors have been renovated and will be converted into larger studios.
He hopes to finish these tasks by next spring, and then he will finish them at the top floor.
Hunsberger said he was not sure how long it would take to complete the apartment.
\"But I really look forward to it.
I think it will be interesting. \"———
They will have to wait a while, but more help is on the way for the troubled Winnipeg apartment hunter.
Two new apartment buildings in the city are expected to start work in the next two months
One in North kildo South and the other in East St. Boniface.
North kildo South is Vancouver-
Headquartered in Devon Real Estate\'s once-
Dispute 400-
Expansion of suites developed by Edgewood Manor in Whellams Lane.
Devon owner/president Zev Shafran said in two 22-
Floor apartments are expected to start in the next two months and will take about 20 months to complete.
The other project is three. building, 197-
Unit development of one of the most active apartment developers in the city in recent years --B. C. -
Headquartered in Broadstreet Properties Inc.
Kris Mailman, President and CEO of Broadstreet, said the company hopes to start construction on a piece of land in the southwest corner of Dugald Road and Guy Savoie Drive in the next month.
There will be two of the three buildings.
Bedroom apartment should be finished next spring.
Broadstreet is also building 124 townhouses, the postman said.
Style rental units at the southern end of the same market segment.
The work of these three projects is already in progress.
Bedroom unit, should be completed by the end of the year.
$40 in Devonmillion to $50-
Due to the opposition of the residents of the region to a 35-plan, the million projects have undergone many revisions. Floor building.
Residents are worried that it will cause traffic problems and hinder the landscape of the nearby Red River.
So Devon agreed to build two smaller buildings and put them further away from the river.
Although it was said at the beginning that their floors were 15 and 21, the number of suites remained basically the same --about 400.
Shafran said that before deciding when to start the second phase, the company wanted to see how fast the first building was leased. With a record-
The overall apartment vacancy rate is 0 lower.
7 cents in Winnipeg, should not take a long time. ———
A local boutique developer decided to go all out and redevelop for a century-
Old building on South Street. Space2Work.
Com wants to have a former Ikon Office solution building in 272 Main St
Designate a heritage building and gain Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)green-
Once certified as a top buildingto-
Finished bottom decoration and upgrade.
As reported in last October, space2 work is spending millions of dollars to redevelop 5-
Multi-storey building south of Graham Avenue.
The metal fake facade has been removed, new windows have been installed and the front entrance is being restored to its original state.
Company CEO Mark Buleziuk said hoarding around the front door will be cleared within next month.
However, some interior renovations will be delayed until it is determined whether heritage certification and LEED certification are available.
\"We hope to know soon,\" says Buleziuk, how long it will take.
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