Waterborne lacquer wood door need how to maintain?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-03

do a good job in the maintenance of wooden door, can prolong the service life of wooden door not only, more can increase the aesthetic of wood, wood door manufacturer to share below aqueous lacquer wood door need how to maintain?

1, installed behind the door, with special protective liquid cleaning maintenance time, increase the smoothness and can increase water proofing property. To maintain the coating of bright color, should be wax and natural oil essence for maintenance regularly.

2, winter and summer season of air humidity is bigger, need to make special maintenance. In the summer, especially in the rainy season, should pay attention to moistureproof and waterproof; Winter, the air inside the moisture content is low, can be installed in the indoor air humidifier or raise a few indoor potted plants, adjust air humidity.

3, water-based paint film curing is a physical process. It is different from paint, water-based paint film is hydrophilic, have a great affinity for water molecules. In high humidity environment, especially the southern plum rain season, it is easy to moisture absorption. But with the change of temperature after last a few days to recover on its own. Humidity environment for a long time, easy to make wooden door does deformation glue, mildew, rust metal parts, suggest appropriate opened the Windows to keep air circulation.

4, in the clear surface besmirch, you need to use the liquid to wipe, should try to use water or neutral nursing liquid chemical cleaning, just can wipe with a soft cloth with a little liquid, water-based paint film, otherwise you will immersion corrosion surface effect the beauty of the product. Clean at ordinary times, can clean with wet cloth, unfavorable use acid ( Such as disinfectant, bleach) And alkaline ( Such as ammonia, wax water) Chemical cleaner.

5, for door hinges, locks, they are all active parts, if found loose should tighten in a timely manner. If the hinges, should be filling in time. When the lock open is not flexible, will right amount pencil lead powder into the keyhole, avoid quality problem can't handle.

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