western sydney home transformed in less than a year

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-14
In just a few months, the property has undergone a major overhaul.
Source: Although many families have not been affected for decades, some have changed in a blink of an eye.
A property in western Sydney, which was sold for $970,000 in 2017, has been re-listed after an eye-popping experience
Give up overhaul. MORE: LONG-
\"Friends of The Times\" broke the suburban 739 block record at 74 Chelmsford Road in South Wentworth, and then placed an original Firo home, which was demolished,
It is now sold for $1. Between $6 million and $1.
According to Matthew Carpenter, Starr\'s partner agent, 8 million, the supplier took only six months to build.
Before: A normal Firo home in its original state occupies the front of the block.
Source: Mr Carpenter said the supply \"the property has been sold with DA approval in order to build duplex homes on the site, but the seller decided to build a family home . \".
\"They did this to make a living, so they were already building houses for sale and then rebuilding them,\" he said . \".
After: modern houses are now considered \"outstanding\" on the street \".
Source: Luxury package including, two-
The floor house is characterized by CCTV system, LED lighting and the entire high ceiling, with some rooms presenting double-deck spaces.
The double front door opens, revealing a wide entrance hall with a room rumpus on the left.
This place makes it easy to host guestsin bar.
Two levels of modern life.
Source: one in front of supply further
The rooms feature a flat-screen kitchen, a dining room and a living room with stylish wall grooves and an integrated gas fireplace.
Breakfast bar and handle-glass splashes
There are free cabinets in the kitchen and a storage room for the housekeeper.
The house has five large bedrooms.
Source: there is another living space on the top floor of the supply, one bathroom and four bedrooms, two with private balconies, one with ensuite and walk-inin wardrobe.
Arguably the best side of the hotel is the entertainment area at the back.
The hotel has outdoor activities with barbecue facilities, pizza oven and sink.
Fashion and fashion.
Source: The water supply this area overlooks a swimming pool with water features and a cabin with its own bathroom.
Mr. Carpenter says the house stands out on the street and is popular among local buyers.
The hotel now makes entertainment simple.
Source: NSW edsign for the new State Real Estate newsletter \"we have held four Open families through . . . . . . About 60 groups, the typical number of inspections at this stage is about 10 so this is a prominent one.
\"The property is set under the hammer-
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