What are the advantages and disadvantages of real wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-07

real wood door, as a high-end category in the market, many families are using, wood real wood door manufacturer to tell you about today what are the advantages and disadvantages. Advantages:

1, the real wood door is the door of the completely with solid wood. Its wood texture clear, all has the very strong feeling and stereo feeling, make the person a look just feel more at ease. Now more popular material has Chinese catalpa wood, northeast China ash, Korean pine, beech, etc.

2 real wood door, processed products have not deformation, corrosion resistance, no spell seams and excellent heat insulation and so on characteristics, because real wood is composed of completely real wood processing, so it has high density, door plank thick weight sink, and it is why so real wood door has outstanding sound-absorbing, sound insulation effect can be useful.

3, real wood material is generally for the soft warm color tone, is the primary components of lignin and wood, so the real wood door of ultraviolet absorption ability is very strong, fine uneven appearance of wood will diffuse to glamorous composition, it can be useful to cut the damage to the eyes, relieve eye fatigue.

4, and out of real wood material is consistent. Given its natural, long-term magic arts and humanities, represents the noble, luxury, classic art value, it is to belong to the highest level of wood products in the market.


because real wood is made some completely real wood material is precious, so the price of real wood door is high. Real wood door and some simple cracking deformation and not simple correction, this is the nature of the wood.

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