What are the characteristics of Korean style wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-09

Korean wooden door is also called splicing wooden door , which is a Korean style wooden door and is a kind of wooden door made by new technology, referred to as Korean wooden door. Korean wooden doors are popular with young people for their simple and elegant style and strong sense of modernity. Let's take a look at the introduction and characteristics of Korean wooden doors.

1. The surface of the wooden door material

is made of solid wood and reinforced floor material, achieving anti-skid and anti-corrosion, no fading, scratch resistance, anti-collision, noise reduction.

2. Characteristics of wooden door

(1)The splicing door has a unique curved design.

(2) The style is simple and elegant, and the surface can be made into two colors.

(3)U-shaped steel is used inside ( The steel pipe acts as a support for the human skeleton to prevent deformation. )

(4)Chinese fir ( The wood texture is straight, the structure is uniform, the wood is not cracked, and the wood bulk density is 0. 39, the material is light and tough, the strength is moderate, and the quality coefficient is high. With fragrance, the material contains'Cedar brain', Can resist insects and corrosion. )

(5) Protein-like paint scratch-resistant green products, no need to brush (Spray) Paint, to avoid damage to furniture environmental protection and human body caused by multiple construction. Rejecting pollution sources starts from our door. This is the characteristic of Korean wooden doors.

Korean wooden door is a concept from ecological home. It integrates environmental concepts: water, geology, natural environment and cleanliness. Korean wooden doors are completely free of formaldehyde, stupid and other volatile toxic substances. The Korean splicing door fully meets the customer's requirements for the vision, feel and weight of solid wood door .

The internal structure of the Korean wooden door is made up of 7. The keel frame with a width of is stable in structure and not easy to deform. The middle is filled with sound insulation and flame retardant board, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, fire resistance and flame retardant, and does not produce harmful gas at high temperature. After decoration, it is nontoxic and odorless, easy to clean and does not need complicated maintenance. Korean wooden door leaf thickness 4. , Seamless edge sealing, to ensure seamless processing, highlighting the strength of science and technology. The sleeve is 3. 2 cm thick step cover, internal filling process, Bottom 2. Thick wood-plastic board, waterproof and moisture-proof, not easy to deform.

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