What are the considerations of custom wood?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-17

wooden door industry is in rapid development, custom wood quality and brand is uneven, custom wood wood door manufacturer today to share with you what are the considerations? 1,

choose brand wood products custom wood door when the choose and buy should choose to brand the product of manufacturer of wooden door, the reason is because the big brand manufacturers of wooden door, quality guarantee and good service, they hold the wooden door and the techniques for production, not only for high temperature and high humidity conditions of climate and even more bad environment has a deep research.

2, understand the wood material and thickness of material quality directly affect the quality of the wood products and environmental performance, so when buying wooden door to door core is with what material, is real. Material also has a lot of kinds, is to ask when buy solid wood composite door or door of completely real wood. Can use the sound to hear the knock, good wood have qualitative feeling mellow voice, door core even whether or not environmental protection, good let merchants to provide inspection certificate. Also, pay attention to the thickness of wooden door, wooden door is not touch the thinner the lighter the better, the suitable thickness of wooden door for 42 mm - 65 mm, the door is not easy to deformation.

3, see whether factory production equipment complete,

a good production equipment to make a good paint effect; To better control the moisture content of lumber, to reduce the risk of wood craze, deformation, prolong the service life of the product.

4, watching the door covers the door deformation, prolapse is actually the door there is a problem, so it's very important to the material of the door. At present, there are two main types of the door cover available in the market, density board and solid wood composite board. Good balance density board, and solid wood multi-layer is composed of multi-layer solid wood veneer crisscrossed the overlying, have very strong eat nail force holding nail force, good stability, waterproof and moistureproof, is the optimization of wooden door that occupy the home.

5, the wooden door paint whether grade and paint quality and construction craft wooden door has a lot to do, wooden door paint quality fit and unfit quality directly affects the effect of the whole painting wooden door. Good paint construction, feel is good, the paint film, color uniformity, good gloss, net flavour, environmental protection, harmless to human body health. Like ten big brand jyc wooden door of wooden door is well-known in the door industry, not only because of jyc of wooden door parts using material and accessories is good, more important is that they fully use of environmentally friendly water-based wood paint, for people to build a fashion and personality of a family to decorate the environment at the same time also sent to the health of the people.

Clouds of wooden door designs for main door failures surround the world of wood interior doors for sale in particular, simply because people don’t pay as much attention to the wood door manufacturers as they should do.
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