What are the differences between ecological and wenqi door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-31

ecological doors and wenqi door is the door of a species, a lot of people is not strange, ecological and wenqi door there is a difference between, some people may a bit in the process of buying, today come with you to further understand the difference between two doors are in where? Then make the right choice.

the situation of the ecological door

ecological door is a kind of utilization and recycling of some material, and then produced by the door, the door can reduce the harm to human body, and it will be more relatively healthy. Ecological door in the process of application, because the door of the inner core of the main USES is aluminium honeycomb structure, and made from a variety of aluminum, so these belongs to more high-grade material, able to withstand the strength is relatively large, in the process of application will be more environmental protection, also can not give us to add more different designs.

the characteristic of wenqi door

wenqi door is a kind of don't need to paint the door, most are PVC cover on the market at present, in the process of application, the price is cheaper, no color difference is too big. The main advantage of this door has the very good incentive of log, and in the process of using also will be more green environmental protection, the surface is bright and clean bright, and don't need to paint, a lot of time can be, production cycle is shorter.

ecological and wenqi door has its own advantages, but also have shortcomings, ecological door in the process of use, has not let a person, mainly because it has used this kind of material is relatively more of cold, the price is more expensive. Wenqi door in the process of using, simple sense is relatively poor, and there is a problem not easy to fix, be affected with damp be affected with damp, there may be some other issues, these are the choice should be considered before.

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