What are the differences between wood door and real wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-15

wooden door and real wood door is the door of the more popular products now, many people think they are the same kind of door, in fact, there are some differences between the two, the wooden door manufacturer to tell you about.

the first thing to guard core quality? General wooden door factory stores have the cross section of wooden door, be sure to how DianDian wood component, select the door core is really, in the middle space is less, door weight will be heavier, about 40 kg weight, generally a door weigh in hand up more solid wooden doors for good. In addition, the wooden doors should be equipped with three best hinge, because the door will open and close, often 3 hinges more than two hinge tolerance, will be more strong.

real wood real wood door that says normally now there are two main types. One is made of completely real wood, with homebred cheaper Chinese fir, pine, etc.

better such as walnut, sand Billy, optimal Gary wood species. This craft wooden door to control the moisture content. But completely real wood door because of the weather changes likely to shape problem such as craze. In order to solve these problems will use some lumber splicing wood. Enhance mutual offset the power of the deformation. Another is real wood the door is also prison door that stick a skin. High density board base material for wood frame. Beautiful decoration on the surface of the solid wood veneer. This door for solid wood texture. Diverse styles. But the process is complex, high cost.

that's wooden door manufacturer to share the difference between the two, I hope it can help you.

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