What are the pitfalls of solid wood composite door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-26

the use of solid wood composite door has been more and more, but there are a lot of people have mistake understanding of solid wood composite door, wooden door manufacturer of solid wood composite door to you talk about today what mistake?

a, heavy price and ignore the quality

solid wood composite door paint when the choose and buy a lot of people, it is easy to heavy price and ignore the quality of error. Some think that the price of the paint is higher, the better, so choose to find the most expensive to buy, but the experimental results show that is not the case. Another extreme consumers to save money, buy when the price is lower, the better, so a lot of money, but the wood quality and indoor environment is worrying. It is recommended that in considering the price as far as possible to the people of attention to the quality of the solid wood composite door paint, generally choose reputable brands.

2, heavy package and ignore the inner

when consumer choose and buy solid wood composite door will always look at its packaging, it is very necessary. But must pay attention to the packaging nice wood paint is not necessarily inherent quality. Some manufacturer to attract a customer, on product packaging, deliberately exaggerated product function. Therefore suggest that consumers in addition to the product packaging at the same time, also want to pay attention to other aspects, such as for product test report details.

three exactly the same as that of solid wood composite door color, color card

many consumers think color plate paint color and the color of the brush to the door completely consistent, this is a myth. Because the light reflection, the paint coating to both the solid wood composite door, wooden door color look deep color plate. Consumers see colors on the color board and brush paint wooden door of the actual color often differ. Therefore suggest that consumers in the colors swatches, the best choose their favorite color a little shallow color number 1, if you like dark wooden door, can be designed to match the color selection board into a.

4, no smell is environmental

a lot of people to judge the security of wood lacquer, through smell that low odor or no smell of paint wooden door is green. This is a big mistake. Because by adding the essence or using low flavour materials to achieve no smell, so there is no smell of paint are not all environmental non-toxic. Judge wood paint environmental protection the most professional way is to look at the environmental protection index is in accordance with the standard.

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