What are the precautions for the real wood of choose and buy?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-05

real wood materials are derived from natural or real wood log, has many characteristics, such as deformation, corrosion resistance, heat preservation, the real wood of choose and buy wood door manufacturer to share with you the matters needing attention.

a real wood door, solid wood door varieties need to know the many varieties, generally in accordance with the real wood door structure is not the same, can be divided into real wood door, solid core doors ( Solid wood composite door) And flush door ( Moulded door) Three. Choose an appropriate oneself personality of real wood should have started in the heart before decorate plan plan.

2 and gathering knowledge of real wood door in the environmental protection solid wood door when the choose and buy, it's ok to find relevant material on the Internet, began to understand that you have in mind the real wood door in the store more than a conversation with different businesses of the seller, don't knows nothing but pretends to know, listen to their presentation more learn more knowledge of real wood of choose and buy. Of real wood of the same style and the same brand, from the quality, price, service and so on inductive consideration and comparison.

3, choose trustworthy brand is the key of after-sales service is first selected consumer association certification of consumer satisfaction or after-sales service trusted household market procurement, of real wood of all sorts of questions in the future will be very good protection.

4, understand the environmental pollution of real wood door release specification environmental real wood door is such, family health the first real wood to produce harmful substances first come from artificial wooden plank and paint coating. When real wood of choose and buy should understand its environmental targets is formaldehyde release a quantity of 1. Soluble lead 5 mg/L, 90 mg, 75 mg soluble cadmium, soluble chromium 60 mg. Formaldehyde-free pollutant release, have qualitative light, good rigidity, waterproof, anti-corrosion and insect-resistant eat by moth, sound insulation, thermal insulation, flame retardant characteristics of preferred when real wood door, the same can nail raw materials like wood, can be saw, plane, feel a warm sense of wood, and wood fragrance.

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