What color is good for indoor wooden doors? What should I pay attention to in the color matching of interior decoration doors?_[快讯]

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When decorating the house, the color matching needs to be paid attention to. Only the good match can be done. The overall effect can give people a feeling of heart. The indoor wooden door is chosen by many people, so it must be done. The overall decoration style echoes, so the interior wooden door needs to know what color is good, you need to know what the color of the interior decoration door should pay attention to.

What color is good for indoor wooden doors?

1, the interior door style should be consistent with the style of the room. Because the interior door and decoration style are closely related, Xiao Bian advises the owner to decide which room to use before the decoration, and there must be a clear plan in advance. The shape of the interior door should be consistent with the decoration style of the living room. The decoration style of the home is mainly divided into Chinese, European, simple, mixed, classical, etc. If the decoration of the room is European style, the interior door also chooses European style, for example, carved The interior doors and European mirrors contrast each other.

2, wooden door color to the furniture color color matching is the key to the room decoration, can enhance the warmth of the whole home instantly, usually when the main color of the indoor furniture is light color, should choose such as white oak, birch, etc. Cool interior doors, when the main color of the interior is dark, you should choose warm interior doors such as teak, sapele, walnut, etc.

3. The contrast between the color of the interior door and the color of the wall is relatively close to the color of the furniture. The color of the wall needs to have some corresponding contrast. For example, the room chooses a white interior door, so that the wall has color, so Will make the room layered, not too 'flat', choose some yellow or light yellow wall color will make the whole home become more vital.

What should you pay attention to in the color matching of interior decoration doors?

First, red will stimulate the nervous system, causing anxiety, so patients with insomnia, neurasthenia and cardiovascular disease should not use red to decorate the home.

Second, orange can induce appetite, when the child's loss of appetite or need calcium, you can try to install a room with orange as the main color.

Third, yellow can be active thinking, but the golden decoration is easy to cause emotional instability, and patients with depression and drool are not suitable for decorating the home with golden yellow.

Fourth, green helps digestion and plays a calming role, so it has a certain therapeutic effect on people who are prone to fatigue and those who are emotionally negative.

Fifth, blue can reduce the beat frequency of the pulse, use blue to eliminate tension, help relieve headache, fever, insomnia symptoms, is a good choice for the elderly and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients.

Sixth, purple has the effect of calming the nerves, but because of its depressive effect on the motor nerves and the heart system, patients with heart disease should use purple with caution.

Seven, indigo will affect the visual, auditory and olfactory, to a certain extent, can reduce the body's sensitivity to pain, patients with postoperative wound recovery can be used.

After reading the above text, people should already know about the color of the indoor wooden door. The effect of different colors on people is different. When people choose colors, they have to do To match the style of the city's iron decoration, the effect will be better, and the color matching of the interior decoration door should pay attention to what product text gives you an introduction.

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