What is design of wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-11

wooden door is an integral part of the family, people more and more high to the requirement of wooden door, wooden door manufacturer under the wooden door to you talk about is how to design?

design style is unified

if you want to make a bedroom space become a work of art, it must make its each component harmonious unification. Therefore, the design of the door is now is not just to stay on a single product, the style of every door has a strong directivity, at the time of design gate more consideration lies in the design of the bedroom. In order to cooperate with all kinds of design style, the door has a rural style, contracted style, nostalgic style. In addition, on the one hand, to make the bedroom with unification, on the other hand, to escape the repeatability of multiple use of a door, also appeared on the market 'sister', on the basis of unified design style, through the change of the auxiliary materials to distinguish between the purpose of the door, make a design 'consensus' in the change and unity.

cast off the yoke of the traditional 'door'

there are many different kinds of bedroom interior currently on the market, according to the material points has solid wood door, composite door, and new materials. And with the people's requirement for the bedroom interior decorative enhancements, especially wooden door also coordinated with all kinds of design style, therefore, in the process of the design of the door, there are more and more designers to join some auxiliary materials, so as to make the door to get rid of the rigid 'a plank' modelling, let the door became fashionable.

wood coatings is different from person to person

wood surface paint often used are wood coatings, wood coatings can be sprayed on any wood surface, as long as the quality of paint, it will not affect the performance of the product. As used in the bathroom and the kitchen door, and its surface using paint will increase water resistance; And paint spraying white door will improve the ability of its resistance to yellowing; Considering the door may fade with the touch of this sunlight frequently, some wood coatings, more targeted, add the color stability, to maintain a constant color.

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