What is the difference between pure solid wood and logs?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-02

pure solid wood furniture is divided into two types:

(1) Pure solid wood furniture: all the materials of the furniture are solid wood, including the desktop, the door panels of the wardrobe, the side panels, etc. are made of solid wood, and no other forms of wood-based panels are used. Pure solid wood furniture has high requirements on technology and materials. The requirements for the selection of materials, drying, finger joints, and seams for solid wood are very strict. If any process is not strictly controlled, small cracks, loose joints, etc. will occur, and large furniture will be deformed, so that it cannot be used.

(2) Imitation solid wood furniture: the so-called imitation solid wood furniture is solid wood furniture in appearance. The natural texture, hand feeling and color of wood are exactly the same as solid wood furniture, but in fact it is furniture mixed with solid wood and wood-based panel, that is, the side plate, top, bottom, shelf and other parts are made of thin wood veneer particleboard or MDF fiberboard, while the doors and drawers are made of solid wood. This process saves Wood and reduces costs.

and log furniture refers to the use of natural trees as raw materials, and the production and design structure are of primitive simplicity, strong and durable. The surface processing and protection of the workpiece are relatively simple, such as brushing varnish, waxing protection, etc. , and strive to maintain the inherent texture of the original wood or reflect the true texture of the wood after being cut and cut, it reflects the original style of wood and expresses the meaning of returning to nature, so it is called log furniture. Guangzhou door Industry

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