What is the difference between real wood and plywood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-08

real wood and plywood doors are popular wood products, wood door manufacturer to tell you about today what is the difference between real wood and plywood door?

1, the real wood door core is made from pine, fir, etc, density board or willow eucalyptus plate is stuck outside, facing with real wood veneer, after high temperature hot pressing, with real wood sealing side line. Advanced solid wood door, door core is more high quality Chinese fir, hot-pressing 45 - surface Natural wood veneer (60 silk More than three times the equivalent of veneer) 。 As small density of Chinese fir, and easier to control the moisture content, thus finished product door good stability, not easy cracking deformation. In addition, real wood door with insulation, impact resistance and flame retardant properties, and the sound insulation effect with pure real wood door basically the same.

2, the material of real wood door are elm, manchurian ash, Korean pine, ju wood, oak wood, Chinese catalpa wood, mahogany, etc. The Korean pine and elm suitable for general class decorate; , Chinese catalpa wood of northeast China ash, oak is suitable for medium grade decoration; Red ju wood, mahogany, suitable for high grade of house decoration. Most of the color of the wood, focused on the soft warm color orange centered; One of the main chemical components of wood lignin, has the strong absorption to ultraviolet ray, wood surface tissue slightly concave and convex, can make the light scattering, reduce eye fatigue and damage.

wood soft hard moderate, tactility warmth, and good acoustic performance and function such as temperature, humidity, and wood processing. Virtues, make the wood became the richest human material of wooden door, even in science and technology by leaps and bounds, the new material emerge in endlessly, people still have a special liking to real wood door.

3, flush door, ordinary plywood door to wood, perforated plate, door core is high density board, etc, both sides of the door flat part with decoration panel glued on the box, a groove part with wood or paper skin paste, processed and become. This kind of door light quality, low price, but the process, the surface color difference is bigger, near the door can only stick wood, paper, leather or wood edge banding on the nail.

4, flush door is concise and smooth, with clean and hygienic requirements, but depends on the quality of the glue plywood, usually easy to degumming of be affected with damp be affected with damp, insolation is easy to crack, should not be used outside the door. If do mix water effect of flush door, can directly use plywood veneer, but now the quality of the plywood is not so good, so now the multi-purpose red ju or replace red walnut, then these two panels cheaper, are not much more expensive than plywood, 2 will have a much better flatness than plywood veneer, paint construction is easy.

5, of the flush door frame around the general use solid wood line edge, which is beautiful, and make the door is out of shape not easily. Now there are a lot of decorate a company to use this door in budgeting. May be too 'flush door' this name is good, the customer listen may feel this kind of door class is low, so we will give the door of a nice name: 'process'. This door production method is simple, less material, so the price is the cheapest in several kinds of door. The biggest selling a door, but it is so selling this door also have the most JS on market, as long as it is to sell door, everybody has this kind of door to sell.

6, the rise of real wood door and solid wood composite door marked a low carbon economy has been integrated into the wood door industry. When people are in pursuit of the original wood door of the original, they should consider the original wood door for waste wood, should consider that there is a low carbon economy is negative influence, so, I hope people can choose a more environmental protection, on the environment more sustainable solid wood composite door, also hope that the enterprise can develop real wood substitute of wooden door, making greater contribution to the low carbon economy, realize the green development of wood industry.

that's wooden door manufacturer to share the difference between two wooden door, I hope it can help you, to learn more relevant content, can watch other articles in this site, for reprint please indicate the source.

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