What is the distinguishing feature of ecological door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-25

use the ecological door very environmental protection, beautiful shape, is the choice of many families and wood door manufacturer to tell you about today what is the distinguishing feature of ecological door?

1, the texture and quality of unusual, because of ecological door carries a lot of social connotation of ecological environmental protection concept, combined with high strength aluminium magnesium alloy frame, make the ecological of real wood door with postmodern metal texture.

2, unique style of decoration, ecological real wood door chose more metals and other environmental protection material, broke through the previous single on the style design, on the surface color, design and color, stereo feeling, have more plasticity, in my style choice, become a major bright spot.

3, energy-saving insulation, fire prevention corrosion, sealing and energy saving, never fade, can provide more practical function to the customer.

the above is to share the characteristics of the ecological door, hope to help you, want to know more related content, welcome to watch the other articles.

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