What is the nature of all kinds of wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-21

there are more and more kinds of wooden door, the scope of the also more and more widely used, wooden door manufacturer to tell you about all kinds of wooden door below what nature?

real wood door, the price is high, the common market of pure real wood door is very less. Pure real wood door if owe good, work is very easy to be out of shape. Korean pine, fir, oak all low level to compare wood timber, high-grade real no of walnut, cherry, the sand Billy, etc.

solid wood composite door: the first is real wood frame, appearance made of high-grade wood veneer, appearance is very beautiful, the price is reasonable. Primary strengths is not deformation, not cracking.

molded door, molded door is simple, the construction technology of compare not seem real wood door thick and beautiful. This kind of door first used in the balcony, often do not open the local store between content, etc. Moulded door there is a problem is very important, that's the release of harmful gas can form it is indoor pollution.

suit door: 1. Frame of roughness, since is a steel door, should be more hard, 2. See the lock, use the plank to retainer is inside the suit door outside of the steel. Door lock inside part of the use of wood retainer, steel can stand straight, explain quality is better, 3. If there is a glass door, and glass will usually increase the weight of the door, opening and closing more feel. 4. Most of the thickness of the door, door frame part 1. Usually 0 0, door flower parts. 8.

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