What is the real wood door process?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-25
< p > < / p > < p > < p > real wood used in a lot of families, with beautiful, the advantage of sound insulation effect is good, not easy to deformation, wood door manufacturer to share below what is the process of real wood door? Drying: < / p > < p > material with middle and low temperature gas liquid circulation dehumidification drying and spray wet eliminate internal stress of the world's advanced wood processing technology. Its characteristic is: the drying time is long, eliminating internal stress significantly, moisture content is stable, not deformation, not cracking, do not change color. < / p > < p > structure: by the door and broad support, lintel, chongqing real wood door USES the real wood integrated composite structure of the lacquer that bake, further overcome the deformation caused by internal stress of wood products. < / p > < p > adhesive: adopt import moistureproof woodworking glue is higher than the national standard, in order to apply to including a bathroom damp place < / p > < p > coating color: should be decided according to different wood and different grade. Ripping up wooden door generally choose brown or light brown as well; Northeast please, oak wood, ju wood door generally choose log color is better; Korean pine doors generally choose the original wood color, shallow coffee as well. Wooden color difference is bigger, chongqing solid wood painting door or has the obvious flaws such as knot of real wood should be with opaque glaze. All kinds of transparent lacquer appropriate chooses semifinished ( Or matte) Paint. < / p > < p > packing: use plastic sealed packaging, reduce the finished products are influenced by environmental weather change, before painting in chongqing, solid wood door of the lacquer that bake it to ensure the stable quality of products is also very important. < / p > < / p >
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