What is the standard for environmentally friendly wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-15

with the development of the times, people's consumption concept tends to be more rational. Green, environment-friendly and healthy consumption concept has penetrated into all aspects of life, especially the dress of loving family accompanied by day and night, health and environmental protection are the primary considerations.

what aspects of environmental protection have become the urgent problems for the wooden door industry. Artificial wood board is one of the most used materials in decoration materials. According to the figures provided by relevant parties, since the reform and opening up, several major building artificial boards in China ( Particleboard, bamboo-based panel, plywood, fiberboard, etc) The annual growth rate of industry reached 16%, the output in 1997 reached 16. 48 million m3, and the output in 2009 reached more than 90 million m3. At present, the total output and consumption of artificial wood board in China rank first in the world. In addition, the state will greatly reduce the development of forest trees for the purpose of closing Hills and afforestation. In order to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of wood, the artificial wood board industry will be vigorously developed in the future.

because the duration of formaldehyde release in artificial wood boards is often very long, the pollution caused is difficult to solve in a short time, therefore, the free formaldehyde content or release amount of artificial wood board must be determined. The same is true for paint coatings.

nowadays, green consumption has become a problem that consumers must consider before shopping. Nowadays, health is the biggest selling point in the market, green products have become the focus and research direction of all industry brands. So how to do a good job of environmental protection and healthy green wooden doors is particularly important in the current home decoration building materials market.

sustainable green consumption has become the trend of development, and wooden door enterprises must implement their own transformation. The cutting-edge green development, from source materials to series of mechanical processing, is guided by resource conservation and sustainable development, so that health and environmental protection are not only a slogan, but also a concept, it is an action, an action that is in line with the interests of market consumers and the sustainable development of the industry.

consumers begin to like to use the concept of green environmental protection to choose and choose wooden door products, which is in line with the development trend of wooden door industry and the mainstream of wooden door industry! The market trend of wooden door industry will be more low-carbon and humanized, and the wooden door industry will develop better in the future.

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