What's in common fill real wood door core material?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-01

real wood is a kind of wooden door, real wood door of common core filling material with plywood, fiberboard, honeycomb paper, core board, pure solid wood panels, solid wood composite painting door below manufacturer to give you details.

1, 2 mm

main is to use wood scrap as the main raw material, through glue adhesion together, by extrusion forming a sheet.

the advantages and disadvantages: the material price is cheaper, better access to material source, but the bearing is poorer, squeeze the sex is not very good. Normal wood internal filling particieboard is not recommended, so prone to deformation, under the influence of water and no sound insulation, so prone to after-sales problems in use process.

2, fiberboard is given priority to with wood fiber or other plant fiber, using glue adhesion core made of synthetic materials.

the advantages and disadvantages: density, different form plate compressive ability is different also. Many businesses to save money, produce are low density board, so the wooden door sound insulation effect is poor, in the later susceptible to cracking or deformation problems. 3,

honeycomb paper according to the principle of nature honeycomb structure, connect corrugated base paper with adhesive method into innumerable hollow three-dimensional hexagon, form an integral part of the mechanical parts - — Paper core, and in the two sides adhesive paper.

the advantages and disadvantages: advantage is qualitative light, little material, low cost. But its disadvantages are also very fatal, the damage resistance is poorer, extremely easy to damage, moisture resistance is poor, be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape. Thus using honeycomb paper core material of wooden door is generally shorter service life.

4, fine core board

made by some composite veneer, mainly through the glue adhesion, and then is processed with the hot pressing process.

the advantages and disadvantages: the fine core board are common, the thickness of the plate, the cost is cheaper. But in the use of prone to cracking phenomenon, glue and glue are prone to the phenomenon of formaldehyde, so it is not very environmentally friendly.

5, pure solid wood panel using wood for the entire panel core material, and complete to add.

the advantages and disadvantages: pure real wood filler wooden door cost is higher, lumber quality of a material is uniform, bearing ability is strong, but because the material cost is higher, wooden door of wooden door production process requirement is high also, so rare in the wooden door, but can be by way of voice in the choose and buy to identify, pure solid wood door the sound when knock is dull, and with a certain thickness, weight is heavy, so it can be as a reference standard in the choose and buy.

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