What's the difference between open paint with closed paint?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-21

open paint wooden door products demand is more and more big, open paint than closed paint more wood is feeling, the wooden door open paint with closed paint manufacturers give you talk about what's the difference?

open paint with closed paint appearance that the biggest difference is: open the paint, use eyes to get wood, with the hand can touch the real wood grain, appearance is not flat,

closed paint, use eyes to get wood grain but by hand touch wood grain, appearance is flat.

open paint with closed paint processing technology is different, also the primary table the first step now open paint processing with concentration is not high primer closed wood fiber catheter pore, polishing paint again. Closed paint processing the first process is the first batch of ash, and the wood fiber catheter completely filled pore, make its appearance to completely flat.

is a solid wood composite door open paint material request higher than closed paint, solid wood composite door, open factor is that in order to ensure the paint function perfect, want to use more thick quality wood veneer as fundamental.

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