When real wood door design should pay attention to?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-22

real wood to use more and more, has also started to pay attention to in design adornment effect, economy, environmental protection and other factors, the wooden door manufacturer to introduce you to real wood door design to pay attention to?

1, adornment effect is

in the design, first choose the modelling of the door, european-style carve patterns or designs on woodwork, or combined type, or ancient remains, or concise and lively, in a different bedroom emotional appeal.

2, economy

when making the design of the product, not only for different target customer groups, to meet customer's individual needs, as well as considering the economical efficiency of the product.

3, easy to transport and install

in the process of design should be considered interchangeable, can provide the bulk chemical products, can be easy to transport and install.

4, considering environmental protection

choose green pollution-free raw and auxiliary materials and proper processing technology. With the local equilibrium moisture content of the moisture content of materials can be appropriate, unfavorable choose higher moisture content of raw and auxiliary materials, because, other things being equal, the higher the moisture content of materials, the harmful material such as formaldehyde release the faster speed.

5, usability

use features include: door open performance, door insulation, sound insulation performance of the door, the door of the fire prevention performance, the door of guard against theft performance, outside the door, outside on the wind pressure deformation of the door of the air permeability of water leakage and performance, the whole strength of the door.

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