Why choose wooden door to use?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-27

wooden door has an important influence in domestic outfit, not only can protect the security, also have adornment effect, the wooden door manufacturer to share why choose wooden door to use?

solid wood suite door by factory produce according to the user scene size, mechanization of factory production to ensure its accuracy, blocked sound insulation effect; Suit wood door, on the other hand, design is original, diverse, is planted, optional. Huachang constant new suit its doors, wooden door frame installation simplicity, can be like furniture and other type of work comes into play, after the completion of the project management simple and orderly; Use the internal adhesive and surface paint are professional environmental protection, the final product also achieve national Eo level environmental protection measure; Huachang constant new doors from the user to choose the style, material, color, to professional staff on-site measurement, installation, maintenance, a complete set of whole journey service. For modern family, the door is not just in the traditional sense of the role of guard against theft, closed, it is a vertical surface the most conspicuous adornment, beautiful type style and pay attention to its surface; On the function, its switch freely, mute the blockade and the sound insulation effect of two Spaces.

use wooden suit door more warm and harmonious family, the door on behalf of a family's portal, the facade, reflected master be fond of and grade, so the decoration in the family in the selection of door leaf and door frame must be taken seriously, it is more important than the floor to some extent. In the international market, the demand of real wood door of the lacquer that bake is more and more big, mainly for overseas consumers pay more attention to the family is decorated in the process of personal accomplishment, and entrust to decorate a company to match completely, they prefer to personally involved. Traditional custom-made solid wood door model, surface coarse simple, easy to deformation, door leaf sound insulation effect is poor, and hard to disperse, harmful substances in the paint and wood glue is caused by indoor environment pollution for a long time. And the development of modern decoration is more and more to install, use finished products or products directly on site installation, is not only shortens the time limit for a project to reduce the noise pollution in the field production.

In an age when wood door manufacturers is increasingly important, the researchers believe manufacturers should pay close attention to their results.
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