Wooden door and door cover installation program

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-20

the installation of wooden door is very popular in many families, both beautiful and practical, the wooden door manufacturer with everybody to know about the wooden door and door cover installation program.

prepare tools: a hammer, rulers, wood ( Brick) Block, ropes, pencil, mason force strong door cover, special fittings and so on.

to clear the blues: before installation at the site of the need for wood brick, remove old pink or lime, set aside the original brick wall or concrete wall.

cover plate combination: place the condom plate on the ground, with special fittings, draw in vertical line size correction, and make the triangle correction Angle bracket.

set cover plate: set cover plate shall be set before the wooden brick in the wall and inside of the cover plate coated with special glue, then cover plate in the doorway and correcting the position and verticality.

placing wooden brick: will the wooden brick coated with special glue, cushion cover board and wall body set position, with a small nail wooden brick with condom plate fixation.

install door line: such as styrofoam after curing ( General 2 - 3 hours) , in addition to the cover plate of the triangle bracket, giving the actual door size after blanking, coated with special glue will cover the slots, light and small side door and door cover plate after fastening fixed. ( Such as door edge with groove is loose, can use inside the door line wood plug tight)

install door leaf.

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