Wooden door often use what kind of paint process?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-04

wooden door is very widely used in the family, the paint is late wood processing craft, the wooden door manufacturer to share wooden door often use what kind of paint process?

PU paint not only have a polyester paint film thick, strong adhesion, good transparency level strengths, its sealing also has a very important role in wood moisture, PU paint hardness, durability, resistance to yellow degeneration and environmental protection and other paint cannot be compared. Polyester paint paint film is relatively heavy, but the diluents containing radon in volatile, and film hardness is a bit weak. Because of phenolic paint and alkyd paint film texture and poor adhesion of basic elimination in decorating, extensive use of the nitro paint, polyester paint, and high-grade furniture use of PU lacquer. Lacquer because the construction is simple, suitable for manual manipulation, used by most of the decorative wood, but its thin film, feel is not good, the effect is not ideal. PU paint is now the most high-grade paint, wood to use wood construction process is relatively complex, need advanced dust removal equipment, uv curing equipment, etc. , is unable to complete by hand, generally three times primer, twice wenqi, PU lacquer has a more environmentally friendly than other paint ( Do not contain radon, benzene content is very little) Good adhesion, high hardness, strong diaphaneity, etc.

from the effect of the surface of wood product requirements, we can be divided into the effect of blocking effect, half open ( Including all open effect) ; At the same time can be divided into transparent effect, solid color effect. So in the choice of wooden door, paint is one of the factors that have to be considered, it directly affects the texture, feel, moistureproof, environmental protection, durable, resistant to yellowing. Wooden door there are a lot of different coating process, the principle of the process design is in accordance with customer demand for wood products and scale to choose the right paint variety, to determine the coating work process and related equipment configuration. Paint roughly divided into the kinds of phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, lacquer, polyester paint, PU paint.

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