Wooden door price analysis

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-19

wooden door should not only pay attention to the environmental performance of the product, but also pay attention to the product's personality, wooden door manufacturer to share:

real wood the price differ

real wood are natural mu wen, high-grade tasteful interior door. Because it belongs to natural lumber easily affected by climate joining together is easy craze, door body easy to deformation, door core board contractive thief, and high prices. Price of real wood door is because of the differences among wood materials, texture, etc. Market price from 1200 yuan to 3000 yuan, including high-grade real no of walnut, cherry, the sand Billy, hua limu, and the doors of the finest teak for $3000 - 5000 yuan, even up to ten thousand yuan.

solid wood composite door quality

solid wood composite door than natural wood grain and natural real wood door slightly lower price. But because natural lumber easily affected by climate, excessive use of glue, internal material is not unified, make some merchants on the quality of shoddy, so the people being fooled. And the price of solid wood composite door because each manufacturer of the craft that make different, often in 1000 - 3000 yuan or so.

security doors of common steel door

steel door price is low, good resistance to impact, but when security doors. Is usually an heavy steel door, door cover for multilayer board, at a much higher requirement for the door and hinges, and the surface treatment of sticker is too easy to fall off. But the door too stiff and manufacture quick oxidation. According to the material market price in 500 - 1000 yuan between.

the price is moderate, the ecological door

ecological gate is a new product, is not too much on the market at present, the main material is titanium magnesium alloy and surface treatment of melamine material, has a strong environmental protection products. Mainly by the main set, deputy set, doors, door leaf connecting plate ( Side panel) Four parts. Frame composed of aluminum alloy die-casting, door leaf door core is made up of aluminum square tube, solid wood, aluminum honeycomb filling; Panel can use melamine plate ( Amine side) , aluminum panel; The door sealing side by aluminum alloy. Act the role of the metal panel is 100% pure green dragon emperor plate ( Aluminum surface) , leather grain, Leather) , import decorative panel ( Amine side) And so on; Surface material to provide hundreds of choice, meet the needs of all kinds of decoration, style diversity, can be combined at random collocation, the selected surface of green environmental protection material, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, draw resistance, wear-resisting. Iconic selling point of the door is hundred of environmental protection, durable, concise, avant-garde, over a long period of time. Ecological door quotation according to the customer to choose a different door cover, veneer, etc is different, the price is usually in the 1500 - Floating between RMB 4000 / set. Have to say is, because of the emerging of ecological door, some manufacturers in the slogan of ecological door, titanium alloy box with wooden frame instead of aluminum and magnesium, by paper honeycomb instead of aluminium honeycomb, or relatively cheap little tunnel door core mechanics can be used to charged, disrupt the ecological door market.

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