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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-29
Danielle O\'Connor is an architect and interior designer and MD that optimizes home and design.
On Wednesday, March 27, before Dublin Dean Optimise Home talkin, Denise shared her top Home improvement tips with in-house columnist Jen Connell.
It\'s worth getting some expert advice before you start.
For example, the architect will advise clients where it is best to invest in their homes and will always strive to recommend ways to save money and keep work within budget.
You can also consult the contractor to get the guided price of what you plan to do.
At present, the budget for the new construction project is about 2,000 euros per square meter, including the expansion project.
According to the condition of existing houses, the cost of renovation works per square meter is between 950 and 2,000 euros.
These figures do not include the purchase of items such as windows, kitchens, bathroom accessories or finishes, but cover all construction works, electrical and plumbing works, interior doors and accessories for all finishes and sanitary ware.
In the big hours of deciding to expand, the bigger it is not necessarily better.
Building an extension may mean you lose valuable garden space, or you may find that the original front room becomes redundant.
You need to be completely sure that what you plan to add at home will not damage the existing house.
It\'s really important that you take some time to come back.
Evaluate the layout of your home.
Identify any unused space or room and re-
Get the plan right and get everything together.
Hiring an architect is more than just hiring someone who can provide excellent design.
An excellent architect with experience in home design will save you money and guide you through every step of the process.
From initial design ideas to advice on trade and suppliers, your architects have a wealth of experience to take advantage of, so it\'s a good idea to get them involved as early as possible.
The build process in particular can be very daunting and stressful.
Architects learn about the process from inside out and they will be able to prepare and help you so you don\'t get overwhelmed.
They will advise when certain decisions need to be made and answer the builder\'s questions when questions arise.
Once the builder starts moving things on site very fast.
You need to make a lot of decisions in a short period of time, and unless you have an answer, you may face delays and a lot of extra costs.
Experienced architects will build relationships with contractors, builders and suppliers
All of these people will rely on architects to do their future work, so they are more likely to provide good service than you manage the building yourself.
Architects will be able to suggest what will add value and what will not.
They can also tell you where it\'s worth spending on structural elements and where you can cut back on expenses, like finishes, to make sure you keep your budget.
For anyone planning to renovate their homes, the first step is to figure out which aspects of the layout are valid and which ones are not.
By determining why your house is not working properly, you will know more clearly where your focus is and more importantly your budget.
I often see houses where owners feel they need more space and don\'t really figure out why the House doesn\'t work and build a big extension that doesn\'t solve the problem, instead, the existing house was damaged.
If you work with an architect, they should be able to help you by asking how you currently use your house and your hopes for a new design.
This analysis will enable them to come up with solutions to your present and future problems.
Their training enables them to look at the problem fairly and to come up with ideas that you have never considered before.
The architects were also trained to find untapped potential.
They will be able to think creatively about practical issues.
It\'s hard to see how you currently use your house, but your architect will be able to see areas where you can make better use of the space and help you achieve your vision, making sure your home not only looks great, and the function is also very good.
Small-scale family expansion projects, including the Conservatory of Music, if the expansion project is behind the house and does not increase the original building area by more than 40 m² square meters, planning permission is not required, where the House has not been expanded before
Otherwise, the combined construction area of the proposed expansion and the building area of any previous expansion, including the expansion part that you have obtained the planning permission, shall not exceed 40 m².
Terraces or semi-terraces
The building area of any extension above the ground of an independent house shall not exceed 12 square meters;
Again, this number should include any extensions made before.
Loft conversion is exempt from planning unless you plan to add a dormer window or Velux style roof light to the front of the house. Always double-
Check what you think is tax free before you start working.
Doing a job without the correct permission may result in a fine, or problems in selling your house.
If in doubt, please contact the planning department of the local companyCouncil.
Staying at home while work is going on seems like a good idea to save money, but I rarely meet someone who decides to stay on site and doesn\'t regret it.
Surprisingly, how many of those who were refurbished did not realize how dirty, chaotic and intrusive it would be.
If this is a big renovation involving most families, I would highly recommend that they move out, even if it squats with some poor family members.
Make sure you have plans.
Improving or updating one area of your home will highlight other areas that need to work, so proper planning is essential.
Without a plan, it is possible for you to start the work that needs to be done to have a snowball effect.
Independent work is unlikely to praise each other and you will waste money and will not add value to your home.
All of this will have a negative impact on your daily life and you will end up worse than before you start.
No matter how small, don\'t rush to any project.
Don\'t let yourself be forced to start work or buy things by a merchant, contractor, or supplier.
It is critical that you have considered all the options before you start anything.
Dennis O\'Connor will work with construction contractor Mark Smith, the property editor of quantity research company Michael Walsh and neuroscientist Madeline Lyons: Dr. Michael Keane.
Tickets are available at the Event Brite.
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