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In 1999, when Shirley Lind decided it was time to do something about a 30-year-oldyear-
In her house in White Plains, her first inclination was to remove the old kitchen cabinets and install new ones in their locations.
But then she realized that when the outside of the cabinet was scratched, the inside was almost as good as the new one.
That set of Lady
Instead of replacing her cabinets, Lind considered refacing them.
\"I was a little skeptical at first,\" she said . \" She explained that her original image of the refurbished cabinet was a tacky plastic laminate, printed into wood.
\"But I want to tell you that I ended up getting far more than I expected.
I have an absolute decline now. dead-
Nice kitchen and I got it saved thousands of dollars.
Cabinet makers say that because old cabinets are usually more careful and better material than the masses --
The cabinets produced can be bought today, replacing old cabinets with new models of the same quality is both difficult and expensive.
Because even cheap cabinets can cost thousands of dollars to buy and install, it usually makes sense for homeowners to stay in good shape
Built-in functional cabinets and update them with facelift instead of porting.
Advertising \"in most cases, cabinets built 30 years ago will be as good or better as the highest cabinets --
\"The final cabinet for sale today,\" said David Hale, owner of a custom cabinet renovation company, a cabinet maker and renovation company based in Tony Wanda, N. Y. Y.
\"It seems to me foolish to dismantle the old custom --
The cabinet was built just to replace it with a pile of particles.
Plate box made of fake woodgrain fronts.
In addition to wasting good craftsmanship, advertising also removes old cabinets and replaces them with new ones, which also wastes money, he said.
\"When you replace an existing cabinet, there will be a range of hidden costs involved,\" he said, which includes the delivery fee and sales tax for the new cabinet, as well as labor and transportation costs for removing and discarding old cabinets.
In addition to the cost of the new cabinet itself ---
It\'s easy for a middle income person to exceed $10,000sized kitchen --
Installation costs can increase by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
He said that normally, installers charge an average of $75 per linear foot of the cabinet being installed.
Finally, he said that in places where new cabinets cannot be aligned with existing tile lines on walls and floors, there is also a cost to repair or re-retire.
Paul Binde, president of kitchen tune
Ups, cabinet-
Renovation Company in laybrook, New York, United States of AmericaY.
Reserved by the Lady
Lind said the word \"face it again\" is really a misnomer.
\"We actually replaced the door and front of the drawer with the material of your choice,\" Mr.
Said the bookbinding worker.
He said that of the three materials commonly used in Cabinet renovation, the best and most expensive is solid wood.
\"We offer oak, maple, cherry, pecans and birch, all of which are available in color,\" said Mr.
Said the bookbinding worker.
\"When we do real wood work, we put solid wooden doors and drawers on top --
Side and front facing and wood veneer.
Even the word \"veneer\" could be a bit misleading, he said, and for the wooden veneer his company used to re-face the front surface of the existing cabinet, it was actually a piece of solid wood of 1/16 thick.
The thickness of the veneer used on the side of the cabinet, he said, is 3/16 ths. A wood-
He said that the work of redecorating usually costs about 50% to remove existing cabinets and replace them with new high prices
Cabinet quality.
AdvertisementIt can also allow the Cabinet to re-face a material called rigid hot foil, also known as tf.
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Bukbandard said, explaining, hot foil ethylene-
Chloride coating of about 1/16 inch thick in combination with wood or particles-board core.
Hot foil with solid color and Wood
He said.
The third way to re-face the cabinet is to simulate the wood grain with a solid color or printed laminate.
\"We are moving away from the laminate because they don\'t have the elasticity of the hot foil,\" he said . \"
Said the bookbinding worker.
\"But laminate is the cheapest way to re-face the cabinets.
\"In general, Sir.
The bookbinding worker said an ordinary job of redecorating
Depending on the material used, the price of the kitchen in size ranges from $3,500 to $7,000.
Alan Watts, owner of Dalan custom cabinets in Hornell, NYY.
Unless the budget is severely restricted, it is usually better to use solid wood refacing, he said.
\"We don\'t use any of these \'licks-and-
\"Pictures of wood stuck to the cabinet like wallpaper,\" Sir
Watt said he added that if the laminate is too thin, even the real wood laminate will break, split and crack and become non-adhesive.
\"We only use solid wood for a quarter of an hour --to a half-inch thick.
\"For homeowners who have some time at hand and some talent working with wood, most redecorated companies are also for do-it-yourselfers.
\"Once you have assembled and cut all the parts, an ordinary homeowner with some knowledge of carpentry can make an ordinary kitchen over the weekend,\" he said . \"
Hare is the owner of custom cabinet Refacing, who sells refacing materials on the website on www. reface. com. Mr.
Hare explained that in most cases, homeowners who face the cabinets again must first decide what kind of material and appearance they want ---
Wood, hot foil or laminate.
Once the desired material is selected, the adHare said, do-it-
The customer is then asked to make detailed and accurate measurements of the door opening and cabinet width and height.
\"We will make doors that fit the frame and ship doors and veneers to customers,\" he said . \" The veneer can be cut into suitable blades, he added.
He explained that after the surface of the existing cabinet is polished or coated with a layer of shellac, all the owner has to do is peel off the backing from the veneer and reveal himself.
Back glue.
\"It\'s not like making an f1 car,\" he said, noting that as the doors have been cut to the right size and come with hinges and handles, all that is left to do is apply the veneer to the exposed surface of the cabinet and then connect the door with a drill bit and a screwdriver.
\"People with a small amount of woodworking knowledge can start work on Saturday morning and have a room full of beautiful cabinets on Sunday night.
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