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Is the Sliding Door Sliding As Light As Possible

Is the Sliding Door Sliding As Light As Possible


In home decoration, glass sliding door is a common one. Because it can save a certain space and has good light transmission, it is widely used in homes. For this glass sliding door, how to buy it?

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01 Watch

The so-called look is to see the profile section. The profiles of glass sliding doors on the market are divided into aluminum magnesium alloy and recycled aluminum. For high-quality sliding door profiles, aluminum strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloys are required to manufacture. Its biggest advantage is its toughness. The lower quality profile is recycled aluminum, and its toughness and service life are far inferior to the sliding doors of aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles.

One thing to note here is that the sliding doors of aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles are not painted, and all use the original color. But it is inevitable that some merchants fill it up with poor colors. Therefore, when buying, buyers should let the merchant show the profile of this product and understand the real product material.

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02 Listen

The sliding door needs to be installed with two sets of pulleys before and after it can be used. And this listening is to listen to the vibration of the pulley. The upper pulley has a guiding function, it is installed in the upper part of the track. Therefore, it is often overlooked by the buyer. What the buyer does not know is that the better upper pulley structure is quite complicated.

In addition to the internal bearing, it also needs an aluminum block to fix it for two wheels, so that there is no noise when it is oriented and sliding smoothly. It should be noted that the sliding door is not as light as possible when sliding, but it has a certain sense of self-weight during use. When it is smooth, there are no phenomena such as vibration and noise.

03 Pick

The sliding door is divided into upper and lower pulleys. Whether the ground rail is designed properly will directly affect the product's service life. So when picking, pay attention to the height of the track and the fastness of the edge banding. Choose a style with good foot feel, easy to clean and hygienic. As for the fastness of edge banding, you need to choose the rubber strip.

There are two types of rubber strips on the market, pvc rubber and silicone. Silica gel has obvious quality and decorative effect. For the elderly and children in the family, the height of the selected rail should not exceed 5 mm to avoid tripping.

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04 Select

Glass also needs to be considered for safety. The sliding doors basically use glass, so the quality of the glass directly determines the price of the door. Tempered glass is the best choice. It will not hurt people if broken. It has high safety and the surface should be transparent and bright.

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05 Check

There are three types of sliding doors: domestic, domestic OEM, and foreign import. When buying, you should check the sample information. Domestic glass sliding doors, its hardware, profiles and other raw materials are produced and assembled in China.

Domestic OEM refers to buying the right to use a foreign brand trademark, but the hardware and profiles of the product are mostly domestically produced and assembled. The hardware and profiles of sliding doors imported from abroad are imported from abroad, and the price is relatively high.

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