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Top Wooden Door Care Tips

Top Wooden Door Care Tips


Internal Wooden Door:
1. Wooden door must be kept stored flat and in a well ventilated area and should be sealed before use. exposure to extremes of humidity or dryness should be avoided.

2. A light sanding of all surfaces to remove any nibs or finger marks prior to painting and between coats is recommended for a better finish.

3. When fitting, doors should be reduced equally and excessively from both sides. mortice lock/latch cavities being kept to the cery minimum size and not located at rail joints such that they are weakened.

4. All doors must be completely sealed prior to hanging.

5. Regular maintainence shold be undertaken to prevent breakdown or detrioration of the finish.

6. We advise agaginst installation of all types of internal doors in new or recently plastered and screeded areas and will not accept responsibility for failures that are moisture related i.e swelling, twisting or bowing.

External Wooden Door:
1. Reduce doors to fit equally from both sides, but not excessively, as this may compromise the integrity of the door.

2. Fully seal glass rebates and backs of glazing beads prior to glazing on models supplied without glass.

3. Never fot mortice locks etc at rail joints as this may seriously weaken them.

4. Follow the sealent manufacturer's instructions carefully, keeping a copy of the claims made for the product in the event it fails to perform.

5. Use a minimum of three 4" hinges.

6. Always fit with a suitable weatherboard regardless of frame cill type fitted, to prevent droplets of moisture hanging from the door bottom.

7. Future maintainence is most important if the doors good looks are to be retained over many years.

8. We reccomend washing down with warm water and detergent every two or three years and re-coating.

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