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How to Hang a Wooden Door – RCCZ Doors China

How to Hang a Wooden Door – RCCZ Doors China


Based in Foshan, RCCZ Doors are the premier interior and exterior wooden door supplier. The following is a simple how-to, designed to serve as a basic guide to the door hanging process.

Cutting Your New Door Down to Size
Hanging a door may sound like a simple task, but it can be fraught with many difficulties. Whether you’re hanging beech or pine interior doors or exterior hardwood doors, the first thing you will need to do is ensure that your door is the right size for your door frame.

As buildings age, they shift, so it’s a good idea to hold your door up to the doorframe before you start the fitting process. If you decide your new door requires adjustment, you’re going to have to trim it down to size. If you still have the previous door and it was a snug fit, use it as a template. Remember to allow at least 5-10mm clearance at the bottom of the door if you have a carpet, and 2mm on the other edges.

Note:If you’re going to be using a panel saw or other cutting equipment, it’s a good idea to wear safety goggles and a dust mask!

Fixing the Hinges
Once you’ve trimmed the door down to size, you’re ready to fix the hinges. Start by checking they fit against the old hinges on the frame; if they don’t, chip away the excess wood until they slot neatly into place. Next, screw the hinges into the door frame using just one screw each and open them, checking the hinge pivots stand proud from the frame’s edge. Fit your door into the frame, rest it against the hinges and make pencil marks showing where the hinge will attach to the door itself.

Once you’re happy with the positioning of your door hinges, unscrew them from the frame and position them in line with the pencil marks you made on the door. Draw an outline of the hinge and use a chisel and mallet to tap out the excess wood, leaving a recess in which your hinge will sit. Check the hinges fit and secure them with one screw each; the rest of the screws can be put in once you’re sure they are positioned correctly.

Hanging the Door
Secure the door in place on wedges, positioned at a right angle to the frame. Fix the hinges to the door and door frame using just one screw each; this allows you to make adjustments if necessary. If the door opens and closes smoothly, it’s time to fix the hinges in place using the rest of your screws.

Congratulations! Your door is securely in place and ready to use.

RCCZ Doors China
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