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2010 China (Beijing) Door Industry Expo

2010 China (Beijing) Door Industry Expo


We will attend the 2010 China (Beijing) Door Industry Expo.

Date: March 3~6th, 2010
Location: "Bird's Nest" National Convention Center Hall
Our booth: A-T-07

Host Organization: China Timber Circulation Association
Co-organizer: the wood door professional Committee of China Timber Circulation Association
                        China Top 30 Wood Door Enterprises

Warmly welcome for you to come to our booth to view our wood door products!

This Expo is a pageant of door industry with the global larggest scale and highest level:

The high standard exhibition hall shows the advantages of speciality and scale.
In order to make the exhibitors get the biggest profits and to promote the development of door industry, 2010 China Door Industry Expo will be held at the National Convention Center Hall where has excellent conditions and environment after comparing many places.

The National Convention Center Hall is near to bird's nest, water cube, and it is a professional exhibition with the highest level in Beijing. The tall area of this exhibition hall comes to 40 thousands square meters with 10 meter high in square shape. Nearing to the bird's nest and water cube gives it a high reputation and there is a metro station in the front door of it. It is said that it is the first consideration for international high specifications expo.

United the stronger for a global authority wood door exhibition.
2010 China (Beijing) Door Industry Expo is the biggest door exhibition in the world, which is forged by the China Timber Circulation Association, Steel Wood Door Special Committees of China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce and Beijing Guitianlou Exhibition Co., Ltd.. Beijing Guitianlou Exhibition Co., Ltd. is a known home exhibition company in China, and it is a professional team under the Asia-Pacific Media Group. It is high-profile in exhibition field. Its dealer and channels resources is the guarantee of the success of this expo. While for China Furniture & Decoration Chamber of Commerce, it is the authorized struture in the real estate field. Its member are the tycoons in the real estate.

100 thousand dealer are the heroes of this expo.
This expo will be the vane of the development of door industry for its large scale and strong speciality. The spots of this expo will be: with the join of top30 wood door enterprises, the big and famous wood door brand will all be exhibited; With various activities, the product class is complete; With rich dealer resources, the propagation will more deeper than the former years.

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