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Interview on Mr. Guan: For the New Steel Wooden Door, the Brand Show is the Initial Item

Interview on Mr. Guan: For the New Steel Wooden Door, the Brand Show is the Initial Item


Interviewee: Mr. Guan Weijing, the General Manager of RCCZ
Date: March 3, 2010
Location: 2010 China (Beijing) Door Industry Expo

Soufun Reporter: Hello, Mr. Guan. What kind of new products are exhibited on this exhibition?

Mr. Guan: All the wooden doors we exhibited are the new products we produced in 2009, including fashion doors, simple doors, embossed solid wooden doors, European style dooors and some moulding doors. In addition, we also exhibit another new series called steel wooden door, which are launched into the markets recently. Totally, we exhibit five series products on this exhibition.

Reporter: How many times have you already taken part in?

Mr. Guan: We take part in at every year for there are many people coming for this exhibition.

Reporter: What kinds of expectations that you have for this exhibition?

Mr.Guan: Of course the most important thing is to show our brand and to let our customers know our orientation of our products line which is the most important for them. In addition, we hope that many other aspects can also reach our goals including our investment-attracting plan.

Reporter: This month is March and the theme of 15, March is "consumption and service". We'd like to know that what are the words that RCCZ want to tell the customers for RCCZ's service. How to service our customers very well and to how to satisfy the customers' needs?

Mr. Guan: For the 3.15 World Consumer Rights Day, all of our distributors are planning some activities to reward our customers, hoping to meet the demands of our customers by providing more quality products at competitive prices.

Reporter: Thanks very much for accepting our interview!

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