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Congratuation RCCZ's Success on the 2010 China (Beijing) Door Industry Expo

Congratuation RCCZ's Success on the 2010 China (Beijing) Door Industry Expo


March 3~6, 2010, the 2010 China (Beijing) Door Industry Expo were held at National Convention Center Hall. Many door manufacturers had joined this festival of door, including RCCZ, Mengtian, Huaque, Tata, Boliang, Wanjiayuan, Haomenmian, Hexi, Qianchuan ect. who came from Sichuan, Fujian, and the groups from Northeast. All of these showed the determination and confidence of door manufacturers to input more in 2010. With enough preparation, the door industry will make some new breakthrough. And as the leader in this field, does RCCZ have already prepare for this chance?

When all others were dipped in the joyance of the Lantern Festival, our disigner, Mr. Fengbinghui had gone ahead for Beijing to prepare for the exhibition. And our sales champion, Mr.Li had already arrange the workers to install our sample rooms. First rated products' concept with the first rated booth position and first rated decorative design interprets very well the saying of one leader from the Wooden Door Association--"RCCZ--show luxury in low profile.

Except the advantages, there were also some deficiencies of RCCZ, which Mr. Guan had realized. RCCZ sent production elites to Beijing to visitand study from others, including Mr. Zhang, the generator of the production department, Mr. Ou and Mr. Hu, the directors. They viewed earnestly the premium products from other manufacturers: the evenness of line joints and the coherence of the wood grain of Haowanjia's products; the color of Haomenmian's rustic paint; the details of Huaque's embossment and so on. We knew that we still had deficiencies on our products. It is that the deficiencies make we try our best to promote our products' quality.

RCCZ has great brand influence in the wooden door industry. We have six persons who got the “100 Excellent Distributors of China Wooden Door". On this exhibition, there were many customers who asked to be our distritutors in countries. In addition, there were also some customers who wanted to be our channels.

RCCZ is the pacemaker for the wooden door manufacturers; RCCZ is the leading enterprise in China wooden door industry; RCCZ will forward towards a splendid future with the concept of "Cherish every tree, Guarantee every door's quality" together with all door manufacturers.

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