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Of the Door Geomantic

Of the Door Geomantic


From ancient up to now, build or decorate, of the door geomantic it is the most important, be built to or one room house will tell rise say most the crucial action of dominant.

The door has 5 kinds, cent is gate, medium the door, total door, postern, postern.

Gate department points to whole messuage outside gate, it is the most important in the door, appropriate faces towards the Ji Fang of this life, the door is in in the gate (room of nowadays apartment pattern is much the door in notting have) , relation slightly light, as long as not be this life advocate fierce square can, total door person, the total knack of each bedchamber, yi Yi avoids fierce square. Postern department points to the house that be not apartment pattern room and has court, outside dividing a gate, all be postern, yi Yiji square, or unripe those who aid gate the five elements is square, in order to aid the auspicious of messuage, gate auspicious, postern auspicious, it is complete auspicious therefore. If have postern of fierce Xiang Zhi, criterion appropriate shuts, zun Ji is shut right go left, right auspicious avoids left go right, good or ill luck stands see.

Postern ties the gate that points to each bedchamber, yi Xiji, fang Ji is fierce, fang Re has 2, left big advocate change wife, right big advocate orphans and widows.

Mention house appearance, still attach most importance to with the gate, gate auspicious, whole house all auspicious, total door auspicious, criterion this one auspicious, postern auspicious, criterion this one door all auspicious.

Every opens wicket, need compass case is decided, the quantity follows rule of a unit of length, just can leave, after its method is fastened eave, before the capacity comes before brim, if get 60 measure, issue compass at 30 a unit of length, take Ji Fang to open the door, open the door appropriate is on n, alleged door goes to the middle of the ground also.

The door shoulds not be much, many come loose to be enraged curtilage, the road is unfavorable have much forkedder way, much branch loses curtilage.

House entrance door is unfavorable face army the pubic office, door of storehouse gate, temple, city gate, all advocate fierce, street the person that develop the door continuously is fierce, before the gate street curve the glyph that be like bend also advocate fierce.

The dimension of the gate should become scale with the house. The gate is small ill-fated, unfavorable airiness, unfavorable pass in and out, not beautiful also. If curtilage wicket is big, ill-fated also, adverse and safe, not practical also.

The gate is divided the gate outside be and inside gate, inside and outside must is the same as yuan, bear discord instead otherwise.

Outside gate, inside the door inside gate, house cannot linear, this is wear heart evil spirit (like upstair just as well) .

Gate color is unfavorable black, should cooperate azimuth of the five elements.

Face each other of be in power of feldspar of avoid by all means of residential entrance door.

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