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Tips on Buying a Solid Wood Door

Tips on Buying a Solid Wood Door


There are several things to consider before buying a solid wood door. Among the most important of these issues are the price of the door, the function of the door, and how much care you are willing to put into the door. All these things will affect the type of door that should be chosen to buy and install.

A solid wood door can be made up of one solid piece of wood, from stiles which are vertical panels of wood, or from rails which are horizontal pieces of wood. Since solid wood doors are made from wood, they tend to shrink and swell throughout the year. Making a door with stiles and rails reinforces the wood and helps to prevent the warping, swelling, and shrinkage.

The doors can get very expensive depending on what type of wood is used to make the door. For instance, solid hardwood is among the most expensive kinds of wooden doors. Solid wood doors are beautiful and are easily customizable with carvings or glass. It should be noted that adding a glass panel to the door increases the price.

The function of the door is also something that should be considered when buying a solid wood door. Solid wood doors can be used in both the interior and exterior of the home so the characteristics of the wood should be taken into account. A wood that is more weather durable should be used on an exterior door.

In addition, different types of wood have different colors and looks and that makes them ideal for customization. For that reason, different types of wood can be used on the interior to obtain a desired effect. They are also able to be painted and stained which further enhances the beauty of the wood.

A solid wood door does not provide as much insulation as a steel or fiberglass door. However, the door does stand up to storms and inclement weather well. The wood also has many tiny air pockets that provide some insulation. Exterior solid wood doors also have an extra benefit of being sturdy and heavy and that makes them good for security purposes. Kitchen cabinets can also be made from solid wood, however, the heat and moisture caused by cooking can cause the wood to warp.

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