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Types Of Exterior Doors: Wood, Fiberglass And Steel

Types Of Exterior Doors: Wood, Fiberglass And Steel


There are several choices when it comes to selecting an exterior door for your home. The three most popular types of exterior door are wood, fiberglass and steel. There are several factors that will influence your decision, including your location, the door style or design and your budget. If you are unsure whether you should replace your exterior front entry door, think about some of these benefits: increase of curb appeal, increase of your homes value and a quick, inexpensive update. A good-quality steel door, which is one of the best door types on the market, can be purchased for about $250.

Wood Doors
Wood doors are the oldest type of door and they provide the widest scope of decorative options. Traditional wood doors can be painted or stained, a project that many DIYers can handle. Nowadays, wood doors are stronger than they used to be. Wood doors are thick and heavy and provide a good amount of security. However, they are not as secure as fiberglass or steel. In some cases, wood doors can be kicked in. Wood doors are available in a variety of finishes. There are several decorative options available for wood doors, including glass windows. Wood doors are not recommended for hot climates, as the extreme heat could cause the door to swell, resulting in damage to the door.

Fiberglass Doors
Fiberglass doors are strong, secure and energy efficient. They are known as one of the most durable types of exterior door. Fiberglass doors look and feel like wood but won't crack, warp, scratch, peel, swell or expand like wood. In fact, they are three times stronger than wood doors. Fiberglass doors have a wood-grain texture molded into them which gives the appearance of an actual wood door. Some fiberglass doors resemble wood doors so closely that it is hard to differentiate the real wood and the fiberglass. Fiberglass is a greater insulator than wood, making these doors an energy-efficient choice. There is also minimal maintenance associated with fiberglass doors.

Steel Doors
Steel doors are the most energy efficient of the three types of door. The downside to steel doors is the limited decorative options. Steel doors are the best option for those who live in areas that are subject to harsh weather. Steel doors are strong enough to stand up to high winds. Other advantages include their resistance to chips, cracks and warping and their fireproof nature. Plus, steel doors are proven to prevent the spread of fire. Steel doors can be dented but can also be repaired. In addition, steel doors are the least expensive door options. They are practically maintenance free. According to, Premdor, one of North Americas largest door manufacturers, estimates that approximately 70 percent of residential exterior doors are steel.

When selecting a door for your home, weigh the pros and cons of each door type to find the one that suits you best. Consider your climate, the importance of security and whether decorative options are important to you.

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