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Everest Industries Presents Smart Steel Doors

Everest Industries Presents Smart Steel Doors


New Delhi To ensure optimum level of safety, Everest Industries presents Smart Steel Doors an innovative security system keeping in mind your beautiful home.

Everest Smart Steel Doors, a new perception in door solution are the strongest and most robust weapon against burglars and miscreants. Smart Steel Door is a composition entirely made up of steel, layered with hi-tech honeycomb craft paper with an attractive wood finished appearance. Unlike the conventional wooden door at the main entrance of your home, Everest Smart Steel Doors ensure safety without compromising on the aesthetics.

Everest Smart Steel Doors promise optimum level of safety and security to your home as they acquire 5in1 locking system operated by a single main key turning this steel door into a foolproof security system for your entire family. The Muilti- Layered door frame offers superior durability, strength and maximum protection for you and your family against any forced intrusion and external agents like heat and cold. Everest Smart Steel Doors are superior in strength, termite proof and are moisture resistant with protection against non uniform weathering and features an attractive wood finished appearance as compared to the regular conventional wooden doors.

As Everest Smart Steel Doors offer finest level of safety, they can be applicable at the main entrance of the places where safety and security is the major concern like houses, apartments, banks, shops etc.

Everest follows a solutions approach where various products and services are integrated to meet customers' needs. Everest offers a complete range of building solutions - Roofing, Ceilings, Walls, Flooring, Cladding, Doors. And now, Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings and Smart Steel Buildings for the Industrial, Commercial and Residential sector.

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